…Hump Day

This post doesn’t have that much honestly to do with It’s more to do with who I recently saw promoting it.

That Idris Elba, by the way.

He’s just so gorgeous.

But he got me thinking, I would totally go and book something on just because he told me, haha. I just think he’s gorgeous. Not just in looks, but also in personality. Like he seems just “normal”, you know what I mean? I don’t know if it’s because of his English background, but he doesn’t seem to have that “ego” that Hollywood actors seem to have.

It’s also while I am not really into Chris Hemsworth’s looks, I adore his personality. It made me start thinking of actors I’ve lost a lot of respect for over the last couple of years. While I don’t want to talk about them. I do want to say that if Elba or Hemsworth ever turned out to be horrible, I would be so disappointed.

Do you know what I mean? Like some celebrities I liked, but I didn’t ever really see them other than the characters they played. Like I used to adore Depps acting, he’s what I call a character actor. Well, he plays a lot of the same character, but…I just don’t like him at all anymore. But I wasn’t upset by it. It’s like it was obviously always there. Where as Elba and Hemsworth I would be actually disappointed if they turned out to be shocking. Like they SEEM like just normal average good guys. Just getting on with their lives and jobs.


Biden/Harris 2020

Nothing like waking up too scared Republicans,lol…Today has been a good day.

It’s a Biden/Harris team!

I am now able to take some of my chamomile and spring onion plants out and use them…Funny though, my Spinach…Practically dead.

I figured out so more stuff on my Discord channel…Now this link, will only last for 24 hours and I have to approve of you first.

I was introduced to baby joey

5.61K subscribers

Middle Week Slump

I have always been one of those people who has always hated Wednesdays. It’s not the beginning of the week when you feel (slightly) ready to get into a whole new week and it’s not close enough to start enjoying the end of the week. Although I am aware of in some industries like hospitality and retail, they don’t really get “weekends”.

Sometimes though I have been wondering I am the only person who actually dislikes Wednesdays? Even when a friend sends me a “Happy Hump Day” picture, doesn’t normally getting me going. Since I’ve stopped my blogging challenge I am struggling to find something to blog about that is not on a Friday or Monday as well.

Today I have just been having idea after idea in my mind and ¬†for some reason I am lacking the motivation to get these ideas started. It is almost like I have so many ideas it’s overwhelming unmotivating. I am starting to wonder if it is a good idea for me to start a fantasy novel, I don’t know if there is a set age date and I have no formal training to do so. I was listening to Enya all day and when I wasn’t working I had “The Hobbit” on in the background and I started to imagine a love interest for Thorin in my mind. Then during the rest of the day I started to create a back story for her, I came up with an perfect name and came up with a whole new race in Middle Earth. I am seriously considering investing in a smaller laptop (Notebook) just to write and get these ideas down and see what I can create!

I guess I’m writing to find out…How do you get past that mid week slump (if you have one)?