Ugly Crying Time … The BEST of all Possible Worlds? — Here’s A Thing…

Ndakasi, whose death at the age of 14 was reported this week… That’s Ndakasi on the right (in the photo on the left) at about 2 years old… Innocent Mburanumwe, deputy director of Virunga, told the BBC the gorillas’ mothers were both killed in July 2007. The gorillas were just two and four months old […]

The BEST of all Possible Worlds? — Here’s A Thing…

The Inhumanity

This is actually based on something my mum said to me this week. “Trump has shown the inhumanity of America to the world. They think because they call themselves Godly or Religious, that somehow everything they do is okay”. “That they have shown how America is not run by freedom, kindness, or dreams…It’s run by…

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I think my mum hit the nail on the head with her comment.

Even with the “Walking Dumb “protesters”…I refuse to keep calling them protesters. One person told me that “they’s just desperate”. Desperate for what though? Not spending some time with family? You seem them with their huge cars, if they can’t afford to miss one payment on it, then they should have gotten a cheaper car.

Then you see them with signs like this:

or this…


Even the video of the woman who was shouting at the Nurses and Doctors to get out the way. Did you see the size of her truck, compared to her size? What does she need such a HUGE truck for? It’s like I have always thought, people don’t NEED cars/trucks that size. They are always the people, who push in front. They buy them, because they don’t want to die, but they also don’t care about other drivers or people in the road, or pedestrians. They’re “I can’t trust my own driving, so I’ll buy a huge car to protect myself”.

There is nothing human about these “people”. You see people who have less than these “desperado’s”, doing more with what they have.

I saw a great poster and if I can find the original owner I will credit them.

“In past times, the Government has called on it’s people to put their lives on the line to save their country. This time, they’re asking you to stay at home to save lives. What is it about that, that these people are just NOT getting?”.

Share Your World – 26/8/19

Share Your World – 08/26/2019

Share Your World


If you had to sum up the whole human species in 3 words, what would those words be?

Heart, Evil and Weird.

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Where is the strangest place you’ve relieved yourself?  Obviously in an emergency situation.

I don’t think I’ve relieved myself some weird before. I have had to relieve myself a couple of times over the years on long walking tracks. But I don’t know if that’s “weird”…I mean, I’m out in nature…As “God” intended? It’s funny because a lot of my anxieties have to do with bathroom situations. Someone wouldn’t let me out of their new car, so I could run into a shop, or even a public bathroom. It’s almost like they want me to “let loose” in their new car? I didn’t, but it was really close. I was literally banging on the door to be let out. Ever since, I hate travelling, I hate being “trapped” and being in a car, or any transport. So who am I too judge?lol…Everybody does it!

What is the worst smelling place you’ve ever been?

I’ve never been to it, but my Aunt used to live near a mushroom farm. You didn’t even have to drive directly by it, to smell it. It didn’t put me off eating them either…But the smell, altogether, was atrocious.

How drunk is drunk enough?

When you blackout and you can’t remember what happened. That only happened to me once and I realised it was also connected to jagerbombs. As soon as I drink one, I’ll be sick about 30 minutes later. So I had two one time and blacked out. I was lucky that I was with people I could trust. I had taken a top off while I was asleep BUT I had a strappy top on still. The one I wore underneath the other top, but to this day I don’t remember taking off the outer top.

Gratitude Is An Attitude!

If you’d like, please list five things that are priceless to you.

  1. Some members of my family,lol
  2. My boyfriend =D
  3. The furbabies…But they’re family too really,lol
  4. There are some bits and bobs. For example, the last birthday card my Grandfather gave me before he passed.
  5. A good book and good music…Sometimes at the same time!

Walk Away

So I got into a discussion after this guy proclaimed proudly the reason why people walk away from the Democrats is because Democrats generalise Republicans as this horrible bunch of people. They also put the hashtag #factsmatter…With no actual facts,lol…I came along and broke it down for him.

The Republicans KILLED Trump called them fine people. Kapernick kneels and Trumps says him lock him up even though the kneeling has nothing to do with the military. He openly mocks Dr Ford, he openly mocks female reporters. He endorses criminals and rapists. (I actually had a discussion about Heather and this Republican swears he doesn’t know who she even is -.-)

The Republicans yell “Pro-Life” and abortion is murder while giving their mistresses drugs to kill their unborn babies. Most Republicans are saying that is a women drinks she deserves to be raped. Trumpters have a stereotype for a reason. You call Michelle and Obama Gorillas.

Trump has bragged about his sexual assaults on others. Republicans cry “Pro-Life” and then are all for having children locked into cages, while their parents are trying to escape from war torn countries.

That’s all just this year…

Too from Democrats is to walk away from your humanity.


I just wanted to start off with saying that I actually had another post ready to go today, but there is no way that I can post that post and ignore what’s going on in Dallas and the bad situation over there.

So much is wrong with this whole situation and I would be shocked to find anyone who didn’t see something like this coming. There’s only so much people should have to live with, no one should feel unsafe in their own car, in their own home, in their own neighbourhood.

I am very lucky living in Australia, and here “Down Under” I feel safe and it feels partly wrong to write about another country. In some ways though, I also feel like we all live on this planet together and there are just sometimes where you have to stand shoulder to shoulder with others, even if it’s just metaphorically speaking.

So my thoughts are with Dallas tonight and I HOPE that we all learn from this.

Do you think Charlie Chaplin would have had any clue how poignant his words would still be today? I am crying.