I would like to just you and think for a moment, what’s the kindest thing you think you’ve done for another human being.

You don’t have to tell us what that was. It’s just incredibly sad to me, how little people will do, or how much people will justify their lack of heart because they ‘want too’…it’s “just a game” Yes, it’s just a game, that you can’t give up when even it’s harming others.

It just feel so easy for me to go “Look, I fraked up and what can I do to make it better”.

When did we lose this ability? Why do people keep doubling down on not doing the very least for others, and then say it’s everyone else’s fault.

I know that I am preaching to the converted and you probably don’t have any ideas either, but my god. I am just so…annoyed! I actually had to explain to someone that “yes” most adults will do research into games to make sure they don’t end up looking like complete clowns.


So shitty

God, people are just shit. Human Beings are a freaking plague on this planet. Who taught these “people” to be so god damn shitty.

“Courage will now be your best defence against the storm that is at hand-—that and such hope as I bring.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

I am getting SO incredibly angry every time I see a transphobe say “they just want to safe guard women”. While also posting about how a cis straight male white police officer raping women over a 20+ years, is not as bad as trans people. Like, I had to come off Twitter last night I was getting so incredibly angry.

What a REALLY shitty thing to do. Who does that. If you want to protect women, wouldn’t you NOT be trying to sweep that police officer and what he’d done under the carpet. I am freaking PISSED OFF. I did tell them that they were the entire and wholly reason why women (cis and trans) will continue to be raped, murdered and attacked.

Yes, I am also pmsing, not the point, lol

Then another person decided to write about how being against the GRR isn’t about transphobia or bigotry…The people who they spoke too…ALL TRANSPHOBIC AS FRAK. Some of the biggest transphobes out there right now. They’re famous for being transphobic.

Thursday Theories – Dinosaurs vs Humans

Climate Change is a … HOT … topic! See what I did there.

Anyways, I saw something recently from a “I.T. Specialist” who said that it was

 it is absurd and arrogant to think that we, humans, are a threat to the planet AND that we can modify the weather. If we try to accomplish this we will only ensure our extinction.”

Well…I gave him a few actual facts, and I quote myself here…

“It’s absurd and arrogant to think that human beings play no part in changing the climate. While our ancestors have been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago. Civilization as we know it is only about 6,000 years old, and industrialization started in the earnest only in the 1800s. Dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago (at the end of the Cretaceous Period), after being on Earth for about 165 million years. The rate humans are going, we wont even survive half that time, maybe not even a quarter.”

200,000 vs 165 million … Even if you include our ancestors 6 million, is still less than a quarter of 165 million. By the math’s, one quarter of 165 million = 41 million, 2 hundred, 50 thousand…So yeah, 6 million, still isn’t near to a quarter.

Human Extinction – Wikipedia

When did dinosaurs become extinct? – USGS

I often sit and wonder how on earth, we are screwing up the planet so badly. Not only that, but too hear those climate deniers.

Maybe the animals are smarter.

People, huh!

Oh my god, what a week! I think that I have officially given up on the human being population and I am going to go and live with the wild animals of Africa. There’s a system there, it’s not glamorous and I’d probably be dead within the first 24 hours…But, I think it’s easier than the human race.



In case you have been living under a rock this past year you may have heard of the Cloud Hacking scandal. Since then Katy Perry has visited my Australian shores and was harassed by paparazzi to get nude photos of her while she was on the beach.

I never normally comment on these things, mainly because I just believe that stars are just as entitled to their privacy as much as you and I are. That’s it, no if’s or buts about it, they have a right to feel safe.

The reason for my random thought today though is the amount of people who say that these stars are doing it for the “publicity”. Stars who are NOT known for becoming famous through exposing themselves, who are known for their acting/singing etc. These are not human beings (because they are still a human being) who came into our lives through a “sex tape” or something similar.

They have worked hard, they have auditioned with thousands of others actors, they have established themselves through thousands hours of hard work, travelling the world and meeting with their public. They are world wide known, they are reported on daily, even without “hacking” scandals, and people still think that these hard working people are doing it for the “publicity”? Seriously?…Really? People still think that Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry already don’t have enough publicity as it is?…REALLY?

As was shown later (and I suspected) the one that Katy Perry was having a go at, was a paparazzi, who has already been arrested twice for stalking, harassing, being aggressive and bullying other celebrities.