I don’t know how many of you know who Laura Ingraham? (Before I got any further…Laura Ingraham is NOT the same person as Lauren Ingram..Lauren is actually a FANTASTIC person! Somehow there names get mixed up and they are totally different people…Other than they are both blonde)

Anyways LAURA has been trending a lot lately because she is pretty much bullying the children from the Parkland Shooter…So of course the “lefties” and “liberals” are such terrible people for telling the companies that sponsor her “show” to drop their sponsorship and that we should boycott these companies if they don’t drop their sponsorship.

(Personally, I think we should all boycott Nestle anyway…They are NOT an ethical company).

This coming from the side that wanted to boycott Starbucks because they dared to write “Happy Holidays” on their cups…The ones that wanted to boycott the NFL for Kap kneeling against police brutality…The ones that support this “lady …

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…Yes, she is spitting and grabbing her crotch after singing the “National Anthem”…That’s cool with them apparently…

Yes, these same people are saying we are the bad ones for wanting an ADULT to stop bullying CHILDREN.

How? Why?!

I would LOVE for a psychologist to sit down with them and talk to them…How they decide what is good or not? One person even said that people like David Hoggs were bullying THEM!

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