Inspired Blogger Award

I was very happy to see and receive (sorry, I’ve only just seen the post) an award for being a “A very inspiring Blogger” Award from Live Love Laugh…I am extremely honoured to have received this award and here are the rules!

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.  … Thank you! ❤

  1. List the rules and display the award
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
    Fact 1: Blogging is a private pleasure for me, none of my family or friends know that I do this. Although if they found it I wouldn’t feel a need to apologise for it. This is just something that is ‘mine’.Fact 2: I’ve started writing a story based on a game that I used to play and a friend of mine drew the characters for, but I have just literally started it and I had no how long the process would take. Don’t expect to see anything about it for a long time.

    Fact 3: I am obsessed with the television show “Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (2011-)“…Check it out!

    Fact 4: I desperately want to start Cosplaying, but I don’t really have the skills to start it.

    Fact 5: I love those YouTube fan made videos, but now I’m worried with all this ‘crackdown’on Copyright and stuff, I might get “caught”.

    Fact 6: If I could describe myself as well-known character to describe myself, it’d be Rogue from X-Men.

    Fact 7: As long as I have been watching the Safari’s, I still can’t watch kills,lol