Thank you <3

I have been having a particularly rough week when it comes to my insecurities and the only place that I have felt “safe” is on here…That’s because of all of you all ❤ My readers ❤

It’s been going on since about Sundayish and my Mum is overseas at the moment and I have had no idea how much I talk to her about everything! I’ve kept making myself happy and then something happens and I’m down again. I am at the point where I am buying a new dress =P

I don’t think anyone’s intentionally doing it, but it’s just annoying me. It kinds of goes back to my post about and just the patterns and cycles happening again. I do wonder sometimes wonder if anyone would noticed if I actually just never signed off of Facebook…Wonder who would even notice? Like I know I am pretty much no one’s favourite…anything really…and I wonder sometimes if my Great Grand-father were still here, would things be different for me?

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Published on 29 Apr 2015
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I had an interesting conversation last night with a friend who was surprised to learnt that I have no plans on having a Maid of Honour.

See to me a Maid of Honour should be someone that you have been able to rely on 100% your whole life. Now my girlfriends have let me down a lot in my life and although I’ve forgiven them, there’s still that element of mistrust.

It’s kind of a symbolic thing as well. Think about the way the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids stand while the Bride and Groom are pledging themselves to each other, the Bride and Groom stand with theirs backs to them. The people who stand behind you as a Bride and Groom are the people who literally have your back. I have actually considered having my brother as my Maid of Honour.

Sometimes your stuck in these situations, but I am going to refuse to have a Maid of Honour.

p.s. I’m not getting married by the way,lol

RIP David Bowie

I am sure that most of you by know, in one way or another, have heard of the passing of David Bowie. I personally was in shock because I didn’t even have a clue that he was sick! It feels like a huge loss to not only the music industry, but a huge loss to the creativity community as well. What a Rock Star! What a Legend! Just for today, in honour of Bowie, do something brave =D

David Bowie