Nurture Thursday- Higher Perspective

Nurt Thurs – Higher Perspective

So it’s been interesting the last few days, in terms of thinking on a high perspective. I’ve come off of all social media now, except here( which I don’t really considering a social media outlet) and one of my Instagram accounts. It has been really great. Every now and then I see bits and pieces, because I still go back on to the messages. So I’ll see things, but I don’t read anything further.

It’s been very freeing, because honestly. Instead of worrying about what other people I know think about me. I can see what they think about things in general. It’s been interesting. Just to show an example, I saw a news article where the Australian PM was going to ban “anti-vaxxers”. By the title, I was like “finally”…But then when I READ the article. He’s comparing people who won’t download a rushed, broken, blue tooth tracking, selling Australian data to America, don’t trust this government at all, too anti-vaxxers.

I didn’t need to crow to those who called me stupid. I knew all along that this app was not a good idea.