The Music in me…

I don’t believe that Music should be defined into which “genre” is better than the others. It needs to be defined by how it makes you feel. It needs to be defined by how it moves you…Music needs to be defined by YOU and no one else but you.

My dream is to walk down the aisle to “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica, but dance with my father to “There you’ll be” by Faith Hill.



Lindsey Stirling

Being a big believer in music and knowing how magical music can be and how healing it can be and my goodness I need it so much right now. A musician that I have become a huge fan of lately is Lindsey Stirling. Lindsey Stirling  is a violinist and an amazing one at that, I have honestly only recently discovered her in the last couple of months. She doesn’t sing, she just plays the violin, but it’s just so beautiful.

Lindsey Stirling – Wikipedia

Published on 25 Mar 2014

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Healing Incantation

Although it is Magical Monday there’s nothing that can heal the heart like a good old Disney song and this may be one of the best there is! I have this on my iPod and I always listen to it before I have to deal with something I don’t want too…and then listen it too afterwards.

Uploaded on 10 Jun 2011 – Archie Budd

This song is from the “Tangled” animated movie. This film and the audio-visual content of the video is in property of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures! I don’t own anything in this video.

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