I have become my Uncle, haha

Especially after my Mum saw what I wrote on my Insta.

I will destroy anything Rowling related.

See, after the whole Colorado shooting on a gay club over the weekend. Rowling decided to like a tweet from the twitter account “Libs of TikTok”

Who are Libs of TikTok one may ask? Liking a post by the infamous Libs of TikTok, aka anti-LGBTQ+ “Stochastic terrorist” Chaya Raichik, who many blame for helping to incite the Colorado mass shooting, where now it’s been confirmed that two trans people have been murdered. She liked a post celebrating Kanye West coming back to Twitter. JK Rowling liking Libs of Tik Tok a day after she targeted the only trans legislator in Colorado and drag shows in Colorado in the immediate aftermath of the Club Q shooting is…insert word here

My Uncle (who is like really really…really Christian) came in one day and ruined my Mums vinyl collections, years ago.


Never give your energy to Hate

There is a very good reason why you should never ever HATE someone. I include, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, animal abusers. When you hate someone, that’s a very powerful emotion to have. While I don’t blame the victims for hating their perpetrators, and THEY should do so. For us to hate the perpetrators, take’s away from the love and energy you should give the victim INSTEAD.

Now, I am not saying on ANY level to love a perpetrator, but spend YOUR love on the victims instead. Don’t hate the perpetrator, LOVE the victim instead. Also hate is such a wasteful emotion. What’s that saying…

Why I know Obama is a good guy…person

I know that Obama is a good guy, because despite the Right REALLY not like him. Despite “people” like McConnell doing everything they could to try and stop Obama. Which President again had to run into a bunker, because the People of the United States got fed up with them? Everything they said about Obama hasn’t panned out. While everything said about Trump, turns out to be true.

When hate rots your damn mind

This is what Hate in general does too you. Hate rots your damn mind lol. You look at “people” like Trump supporters the whole Trump Crime Family, Folau, Transphobia Their comments always make sane people go “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”? lol

Literally everything on that list above, women CAN have. Women CAN have flat chests people!lol. There are some men that have bigger boobs than some women! Athletic women, tend to have flat chests. Women CAN be hairy. Some women do not have curves. We are not all made the same. With a lot of trans people, you can’t tell these things anyway. There are some fantastic drugs and procedures, products out there. There is also clothing out there that can shape you, to make you look like you have curves. Think Kardashian products, corsets. When my brother first started in Drag, he used to take my Mums and mine best bras and stuff them, and sow them in. (When he first started people kept asking me, did I find it weird. I would tell them no, I didn’t…I just never did…But it annoyed me that he took my clothes! You know those Facebook memories? Well, every now and then he’ll post one wearing a top I’d thought I had lost!) There is also clothing that do this as well, for flat chested women, push-up bras.

Basically, this is a really DUMB list. That would actually exclude a LOT of lesbians. Like Ellen! She is very masculine.

Why so angry?

One thing I truly do not understand about Republicans…They are literally getting everything they’ve ever dreamed of. They are making women more oppressed, or as some say the Christian Taliban. People like Trump, Morrison and Johnson are looking for ways to protect Christianity even more. While being even harsher on people “not like them”. Trump’s probably never going to be impeached.

They are literally winning everything they’ve ever wanted. They are getting away with everything.

So, why are they STILL so angry?

Why in hell are there more mass shootings than ever before? Isn’t getting their way all the time, enough? Is it because they just sort of expected everyone else to jump on board with them?.

Do you hate?

I got asked an interesting question the other day and it did make me think. I was told “I could never see you hating someone, have you ever actually hated someone”.

I don’t think I have.

Don’t get me wrong, on the spot, I definitely have hated people in the moment. I definitely hate what a lot of politicians have done, and I definitely hate what that has then perpetrated.

In my own little circle of life though, I don’t think that I have hated anyone.

I think it takes a lot for me to hate. Hate is such a powerful notion to myself.

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Trumpter Logic 23…Australia version

No kidding, a couple of days after the Australian elections there was an article written. The title was “I’m not a biggot just because I voted Liberal”. Which might be possibly true…

You know what a good clue is though, that perhaps you are? All the Trump supporters agreeing with you that rudeness is okay to vote for the other side and lump them all together. I am not kidding, there were so many Trump supporters saying this, because the Democrats are ‘rude’ to Trump.

I don’t know about you, but when an Trump supporter agrees with me (which hasn’t actually happened yet). The first thing that goes through my mind is “Okay, what have I said/written wrong here?” They will literally grab onto anything. For example I saw a “Liberal” saying that Trump didn’t mean to call the Duchess of Sussex “nasty”, if you listen you can hear his tone. So all these Trump supporters jumped on saying “Yeah, Liberals are always lying”…Except that’s not what she said. She was saying he still said it (because he did) he just didn’t mean it the way we think he did (because who can blame us that).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison already has a nickname “Liar from the Shire” Which I believe insults Hobbits, but here we are.

Women vs Women

Wife’s permanent punishment husbands infidelity

This is something I have never understood and don’t think that I will ever understand. I have always thought that women were harsher to each other than men can be. Even with the fact that men can over physically power us most of the time, it always women who seem to want to drag us down with the guys.

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I am a woman…I don’t do this…Whenever I’ve been cheated on I don’t blame the girl, I blame the guy I’m in a relationship in. I might get angry with the girl, except if she genuinely didn’t know he was my partner. I don’t blame her though. I blame him…I also don’t think cheating is the worse thing you can do to your partner. I think raping and abusing your partner is much worse, but as my own partner pointed out. One could consider that cheating is emotional or mental abuse.

That’s a different topic for a different day though.

Take Dr Ford of example, it didn’t shock what a lot of men were saying, but it was shocking what the women were saying. Mainly because it was so stupid what they were saying and as women, they should have known better.

The one thing they kept saying over and over again was that they Dr Ford was doing it for the fame. Except it is such a ludicrous statement because how many women, off of the top of your head, do you even know of, who have became famous or rich after making an accusation? I honestly could think of no one. Except for Dr Ford, but for more obvious reasons. Even saying that, I believe she is still in hiding.

So to say that people do this for the fame and the money, is just stupid. How many of them said they would never put their attacker through what Dr Ford was doing. Why? Even if you wouldn’t, doesn’t mean that Dr Ford can’t. She believes it was the right thing to do and personally I would as well.

Is it primal? Is that why women attack other women? Is that why instead of blaming the partner, they blame the other women? Have we not grown since the cave ages? My brain literally cannot get it.

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Conservatives and “Need all the guns” Americans listen up.

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David Hogg (or any of the children) calling you evil (and you not liking being called evil) does not mean they are in the wrong…Guess what because you support evil people, that makes you complicit. Unless you denounce what these people have said, you are absolutely complicit and stand with them.

  1. Dana Loesch bizarees threatening “Times Up” video
  2. Ted Nuggent (nugget) calling children soulless…as well as other things, because he doesn’t agree with them.
  3. Jamie Allman saying he (and his friends) would like to shove a pole up David Hogg’s backside.
  4. Laura Ingraham…While maybe nothing she’s said, so far, is “evil” but putting down people by bringing up irrelevant things.
  5. The conservatives who say they wanted to help, but these children are just so disparaging, that they just can’t.

This is literally what we think you do, when you do NOTHING to denounce these people and their words…YOU ARE COMPLICIT!

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