It’s a very powerful emotion.

At the moment, I have guilt about:

  • Not taking Travie to the vets straight. Not that they could have done anything. Still though, really could they not have?
  • Not writing enough about Black History month or Pride month for the UK, and I think Canada?
  • Not doing enough with my stream.
  • I just want to save the world, it’s not asking too much is it?lol
  • So few things to feel guilty about, but they take up so much!

Thursday Theories – Not Innocent

Sometimes when one is proclaimed “Not Guilty” It doesn’t always mean that they are actually innocent. As my post below will show.

Some people in the UK and Australia would have heard of the actor Craig McLachlan, he played Kylie Minogue’s brother on Neighbors.

A year or so go, probably longer, he was taken to court for sexual assaulting a woman. He was found “not guilty” and so a lot of people keep saying that the Judge had all the facts and so Craig can’t have done it. Except for one little thing, the Judge actually believed the women who had come forward more and more.

Channel 7 actually had what I call a over-dramatisation of the “grief” that McLachlan went though. I didn’t even have to watch it to know it’s going to be completely slammed (which it was). I think the show and the commercials/ads did more damage to McLachlan than helped him. Because of this “documentary” of HIS grief, people went and actually looked at what actually happened.

Guilty…I plead the 5th!

So I wanted to make a fun post, get you away for a moment where you can think happy thoughts for a moment. I just want to say that if you don’t want to share with us, it’s all up too you. This is a safe and happy space today ❤ Well I always hope it’s a safe space, posts may not always be “happy”. But I hope it’s at least a safe space.

Hugs only with permission ❤

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What I want you to either share with us, or at least think for the next five minutes. What is a favourite guilty television show for you? What is something you LOVE to watch, but may not necessarily want to talk to people about?

For myself, I enjoy some of the “Real” Housewives shows. Not all, just some…And if you tell anyone, I’ll have to kill you,lol.

This or That #38


This or That #38

This week I want to know…

Do you ever skip pages or read ahead?

Oh no, I am going to have to put my hands up here…I have been guilty of doing this. I’ve done this with stories where I am so confused what’s been going on. I’ve done it with stories where I have liked a particular character and I wanted to make sure what happens to them during the story. Do they survive? Do they end up with the one I want them too? I only seem to do it with stories where I actually really like the characters or the stories…Is that odd?lol … I use to do it with those stories where you could choose the ending, if I didn’t get the ending I wanted to after a couple of go’s…I use to work backwards,lol