Me and my high standards

When you grow up, you learn that sometimes, you don’t have to be team anyone. Quote – Me =D

Do you know how often I laugh to myself because I think too myself how open-minded I am, but I have incredibly high standards. Not just for myself, but for others as well.

I can totally not agree with someone, but if it’s something lame like “I believe Depp, not sorry”, I’m cutting you off. I believe that Depp texted to one his friends that he wanted to burn Amber and stuff her in his trunk, because he did exactly like that. You believe what, that he’s a horrible human being? He is.

Paul Bettany: having Johnny Depp texts read aloud in libel trial was ‘an unpleasant feeling’

83 Times Johnny Depp Lied Under Cross-Examination

Also this:

In texts Depp, 57, had described women as “sluts” and “fat ugly whores”. In one he said he would “smack the ugly cunt around” after asking whether a “worthless hooker” had arrived. In another, he described his former partner Vanessa Paradis as a “withering cunt”. Vanessa Paradis is the MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN.

How idiotic do you have to be to ignore that? Why are people this dumb when it comes to celebrity? He’s lost TWO court cases now, because he IS an abuser. Yes Amber Heard did it, BUT SO DID HE.

Seriously, what is WRONG with you to ignore that?

One message, sent in 2013, made lewd reference to Heard’s “beaver”, and discussed her murder by “burning” or “drowning”.

Although I have high standards, I have them for a good reason. When you IGNORE something so obviously horrible and troubled, what else do you ignore? So yeah, I have no problem with cutting people of like that. I guess I don’t have high standards, I just have normal standards, because I’m a decent human being.

Kind of funny, I started to write this one, and the next day I saw this article. You can sign up for free.

Why do people blindly support Johnny Depp? I’ll tell you whyCharlotte Proudman

I can tell you why though, people are stupid. I literally have seen someone write “Because Heard wasn’t beaten up as badly Rihanna, I don’t believe her. But I don’t follow Depp blindly”. That’s sick. Depp has lost twice already, he has now being SUING people LONGER than he even knew Heard for. He is STILL trying to control everything. If people do not pull him up on his behaviour, he will end up like Prince, M.J. Elvis, ALL of them. Their therapists have said that there was mutual abuse.

Why am I highlighting words and sentences, because people are not paying attention.

Have some standards people.

I can’t believe I HAVE to write this. Imagine Depp was talking about your daughter like that. Depp’s own children have to hear what their Father called their Mother, because he wants to control everything. Would you really be okay with that, if that was your daughter, mother, sister, Aunt, grandmother he was saying that he wanted to burn alive, like a witch. Calling her a whore. A LOT of you seem to be alright with that. That’s scary. So get yourself some standards.

And saying all this, I will still be watching Depp and Heard films. I enjoy a lot of them. I just hope Depp let’s it go and starts to move, healthily, with his life.

Adult Up

I’ve decided for myself, me and I, that I am changing the term from grow up to “Adult Up”.

I was inspired to do this when I was talking to a friends brother, who is more than clearly a Trump Supporter and quiet honestly against anything Science. Which means he against masks and vaccines. He was complaining one day, how he’ll only take a jab when it’s not a emergency vaccine (despite the emergency) and there aren’t endless shots. I pointed out to him, I don’t think it’s actually called “endless” when the most you’ll take it two.

He ended up calling me a sheep, because apparently there’s a third shot being created. I pointed out that that’s still not “endless” and in fact, if I had to take a shot every week to protect myself and others, that take’s, at most, 10 minutes, I’d do it. I also pointed that there are people who actually have to do that every day. In fact, those are the people, we are protecting. I ended up laughing and saying “Quiet frankly, it’s just laziness on your part” and called him a sloth, lol

I just thought during that whole conversation, this guy just needed to be adult.


Warning – Long post

I’ve had to unfollow (mainly on Twitter) lots of people. We don’t have a right to say IlhanMN comments were not anti-Semitic, hold those who said she is being anti-Semitic responsible. If we don’t hold ourselves to the same standards. Why are we so special? I don’t get why Clinton went? Also, not for one second do I believe this was a setup of any kind. I think this young woman just saw her fellow Muslims gets slaughtered, and in walks a white woman in power. Whose just said that the most positive Muslim woman in power was being anti-Semitic, and she got mad. If i lose followers because i dare hold Chelsea Clinton to a high standard then . “Allies” like that, who needs the alt-right? I don’t think anyone knows how bad it would have been for Ilhan Omar. Imagine that one woman, at least 10x worse, but over and over again and without question death threats.

Then we come to the issue of Twitter and YouTube, or any social media platform really. There are SO many “people” dead set against Twitter and YouTube and Instagram having to take any responsibility, or do better. On Instagram, they made the hashtag #blackjaguarwhitetigerfoundation a wildlife exploitation alert when you press on it. As they do. So people are warned before you even see the first pictures that they are a potential exploiter. As I’ve writing this, PETA have actually now written a piece on BJWT, and telling people the difference between actual sanctuaries and wildlife exploitation, like BJWT.

I know it seems harsh, but as Democrats, Liberals, Progressive, from any country. If we want change we have got to start holding ourselves, our words and actions at such a high standard. It may not seem fair right now, but when did anyone say life was far?

I was listening to a podcast with Russell Brand (what an interesting man) and his guest speaking was equally as interesting (I will have to get his name, and the name of the podcast episode) His guest speaker was saying that he is a lecturer in psychology, in the 5 years he’s been teaching, he has notice an increase in students bringing in notes from Doctors saying that they are excused from public speaking. Psychology students, too scared to speak to people? I can’t imagine that psychology you’d have a lot of public speaking, but there’d be some. This lecturer was commenting on how the younger generations are getting weaker. Now guaranteed there are always exceptions to the rules, Parkland students come to mind. I think he’s actually right.

Take the whole Clinton situation, people weren’t outraged because they even thought the young Muslim woman was wrong. They were “outraged” because of how she spoke to Clinton. Now we do have to hold ourselves to high standards, but who can blame someone for not speaking “correctly” in that situation? I would have thought that people would have understood, apparently not? If the way this woman spoke to Chelsea Clinton and NOT what Chelsea Clinton agreed with offended you, you have some serious objectivity problems. I immediately unfollowed someone who said and retweeted that you have mental issues if you think the way the young woman spoke to Clinton was alright…Excuse me?

You know what, I’m glad I unfollowed them. I’ve started to notice on my feeds that anybody who is easily offended by anything and the wrong things. Tend to be “louder” on platforms on places like Twitter, Facebook, etc. They tend to be the people that drown out the fact that Chelsea Clinton agreed with what the alt-right were saying.

Stop thinking you have to be “polite” to have a high standard. Think of standards, as morals. If you have good morals, you have a good standard.

…Or just ignore my rantings,lol…I’m very fed up with the world today,lol

Dear Me Too Movement

(I swear this is my only “rant” I swear! I feel like it needed to be said)

Dear Me Too Movement,

When you first came along I was so happy to see how much courage you gave to the world and to put Trump as runner up and next to the women he assaulted was pure genius! I know that some people were uncomfortable with it and I understood, but to see in picture the women he assaulted made it “on our face”.

However, there is something I think you didn’t even see coming. You came with such promise and change, but here is something that you probably didn’t see coming. Women just cannot get along. They are know all attacking one another because they’re not protesting the way someone else thinks they should. I am so frustrated! Matt Damon just said incredibly stupid things and yet all these women could talk about were the “fashion” choices for the Golden Globes. Some deem it not “good enough”.

Women are attacking other women, men are attacking and mansplaining things to women…Where are the #metoo people supposed to go now?

Please help metoo! What do we do???!!!