What to say

Over the night between Thursday and Friday, my aunt passed away.

Before you start to say “I am so sorry for your loss”, here’s what I’m having trouble with.

She was unwell for a long time, and although you know she’s not in pain anymore, it’s still sad. Like, she’s not in pain and that’s happy, but she’s gone so that is sad. It’s not a sudden thing, but it’s still sad.

This is what I mean by I don’t know what to say.

She had some kind of removal quiet a few years ago, I think gall bladder? Unfortunately, her stomach got nicked and she developed septicemia. She did recover from that, which was lucky. Then though, she had a stroke a couple of months later. Which is then, she was put into a home. She might have been able to recover from that, if she had been bothered, but she wasn’t. So she kind of just slowly succumb. She was the youngest person in her home.

When I wrote this on FB, they said that it was good. I don’t know though.



I was inspired to “write” this post after I FINALLY saw someone in the media, called out Kayne West’s abuse AS abuse, rather than grief.

After losing my own kitty a couple of weeks ago, I am tired of hearing from others that West is just “grieving” and he can do what he wants.

No, he cannot DO whatever he wants. Every day, somewhere in the world, someone is grieving a loss in some way or another. And we’re not all abusing people because we’re “grieving”. Being able to do whatever you want, is not a thing. In fact, I think you’ll find most people are more loving and kind BECAUSE they’ve just love someone or something important.

Grief, can do a lot to you and your life, in general. But it is not some “get out of free card”. if you feel you’re going to be angry, don’t interact that day.

Some thoughts, about the kitty

I have been getting myself in a bit of a tizzy about the kitty. I have been crying randomly on and off, but it’s been different from my chihuahua. I feel the same gaping hole of something missing, but I’ve been feeling ill telling others about the kitty, whereas I did not have the feeling about the Chihuahua. I’ve been waking up with the puffy eyes, but it’s been different.

So I thought about it, because I don’t feel like I loved one more than the other. I thought maybe it’s because he’s technically my partners cat.

I sat there and I thought about it.

The closest I can think of in my grief, is that the biggest difference was that Chihuahua was a family dog, like she got on well with other humans. But she only really loved her family. Whereas Travie, not a cuddly cat, very independent, but he was loved by everyone. The neighbours loved him, they all helped look for him, the vets loved him. Even though he was not cuddly and he didn’t really like anyone apart from his family, and he was very independent, he was a special little fellow.

He has his own Instagram account for a start, lol. Even though he was very independent and he was not a cuddly cat, he didn’t cause problems in the neighborhood either. He didn’t kill any of the birds or other animals, it was always another cat who did that. The birds would swoop him and he’d play with them, but he never hurt them, they hurt him more than the other way around, lol.

It’s like my brother said, and he’s not always the most emotionally adapted person, lol. Even at the end of the same text message, he said “You could now get a little dog” lol. But like my brother said to begin with, “He’s lived a bloody good life with two humans who loved him more than most cats gets to be loved. A very happy lucky boy”.

I will love and miss you forever my little man ❤ ❤ ❤

Celebrity Grief

I had such a strange experience this week over the passing over Gene Wilder, but it’s something that I’ve noticed that whenever a “celebrity” type or well known passes. There always that one…or two people…that seem to think it’s okay to put down anyone who wants to mourn the death of a well known person.

The one thing that was bothering me was that people seemed to feel like they needed to justify why they felt sad to these people…And all I could feel like is “Screw that! I don’t need to justify to anybody why someone passing is every important to me”.

I have one best friend who even though the celebrity she loves died a few years ago, she will still make a post on his birthday and the day that he passed. Sometimes celebrities can make a huge impression on us. They are more in our lounge rooms then ever before. It’s not really that surprising they can leave us with such an impression.

At the end of the day, does it really matter? If someone is just jumping on a bandwagon to mourn the death of a celebrity, the only person it’s hurting is them and the only person that has to live with that, is them. So why do people feel it’s okay to post memes and so forth, to put other people down?

RIP Gene Wilder

Uploaded by: Jack T

I know that sadly Gene Wilder passed away on the 29th of August. I’ve been thinking about what to write about this incredible man. Probably one of the greatest comedians of our time. Young Frankenstein was probably my favourite movie of his, it got me through some rough nights. That’s why it didn’t surprise me to hear that he didn’t want people to know about his Alzheimer.

Alzheimer’s Association