Monet…Probably not who you expected to see on a Magical Monday post, I hope you are pleasantly surprised. I am turning 30 this month and it has been making me doing the usual considering where I am in life, sentimental and thoughtful of my past.

One of the reasons that I have always had a soft spot for Monet, is because when I was a little girl. I use to believe that Monet was my Great Grandfather. In fact there is a book about Monet called “Linnea in Monets Garden” and I have had it since I was a little girl. I thought that this whole book was about my Great Grandfather.

My GG and I were close and it was unfortunate that he was only a part my life for such a short amount of time. So, for me, my relationship and having my Great Grandfather in my life was an extremely magical time for me. One that I still wish I could recreate, but I’m not really sure it will happen again.

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