Our Treasures

Grandparents…Aren’t they special.

That is not a question, it’s a statement…Except if you had nasty Grandparents, then please probablystop reading this immediately.

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I think Grandparents ARE a treasure and we should treasure them while we still have them. I have all but one left…So does my partner actually…She is one of “my people”. I’ve always managed to have a great relationship with all of my Grand parents.

Now that my Grandmother is a Great-Grandmother in every way possible I though we should be going to her, not the other way around. I have been getting SO frustrated with my family lately. We had four days off over the Easter Weekend and my cousins family went to a caravan park that’s a 20 minute drive the where we were meeting at THEIR parents place. (I STILL live further than them to their parents place, even from the caravan park)…They decided to make dinner the last evening of the four days, even though it’s completely inconvenient and stupid for everybody else, and it’s all because they have “kids”. For another example, my Grandmothers b’day this year, she doesn’t even want to celebrate her birthday with their great grandchildren anymore, because they are spoilt. So instead of going to her this year, they made her come to them.

My grandmother has done this at least twice already, it’s time she gets to rest and do what she wants to do for her birthday. It’s time for it to be HER birthday again, she rests and we come to her…and they don’t even help clean up afterwards! I keep doing it all by myself now…It’s ridiculous! None of us were brought up this way!

I consider my Gran to “my person”…I don’t mean that I’m possessive and that no one else can call her Gran or anything…What I mean that she’s the one I’ve connected the most with over the years. The one that I can always go to and she just “gets it”.


52 Week Grateful Challenge … Week 4

4. A Family Member

Well after last weeks Grateful Challenge about our families it really did make me feel how lucky I am to have my family. Even when I mess up, my family never make me feel badly about it. I know that I can talk to them about what happened and how I can improve, but I never feel spoken down  to, which is why I keep going back.

So it marks it hard to think of just one family member I have that I am more grateful more than the rest, but I guess I don’t have to take it that way…So I wont. I am grateful for my entire family, even the ones I don’t particularly agree with their views. As they were the first people that taught me about you don’t have to agree with everything just because you might care about someone.

However, when I thought about the first thing that popped into my mine is I do have a special relationship with my Grandmother and throughout my life she had probably been the biggest supporter of her entire family. She is a such strong individual and she has had a really amazing life. She was the one who taught me about Reiki and she was the one who eventually “levelled” me up through Reiki teachings. As well as teaching me about the Chakra, Tarot…A lot of my spiritual side comes from her, as well a lot of my general overall history and background, I’ve learnt from her. The best thing I find about her is that she is just so assertive. Which is something that I severely lack, but with all my faults, she never makes you feel bad about them. She just naturally accepts that’s who you are…And it’s fantastic to have someone like that.

I honestly believe she is the reason that while I have a big heart, I refuse to let it be taken advantage of. Or allow others to make me feel bad about myself. Whenever I need to “Re-tune” my self, she’s the one I would  always go to first. I love my Mum and she does give me great advice, but she’s my Mum,lol

A different share your World

Since I couldn’t find the Share Your World link this week, I have decided to do my own type of “Share Your World” Blog challenge. So it’s just a simple challenge really, just some simple facts about myself so you, my readers, know a little bit more about me. Please feel free to copy the questions as well.

7 Facts about Yourself

1. My second favourite Disney princess is Aurora aka Sleeping Princess, mainly because I love my sleep.

2. I am currently writing about 3 different novels/books, but they will probably never be finished or published.

3. I don’t sing in the shower, but I do dance and lip sync.

4. Sometimes I honestly think that only my Dog loves me.

5. I actually really like where I work and I adore my co-workers, but it’s not my dream job.

6. I love to bake, I just don’t like to cook.

7.  I am one of those weird people that actually likes my fruit and vegetables and I’m confounded by the whole “sugar is bad for you” like it’s some new breakthrough? I’ve always known that, still gonna eat it though!


6 People Who Inspire You

1. My Great-Grand father

2. My Gran

3. Animals…I don’t care that it says “People”hehe

4. The characters from Lord of the Ring and the Hobbit.

5. Anyone who plays Celtic music

6. The Guides from Safari Live!

5 Favourite Girls Names 

1. Lilly

2. Belle

3. Arwen

4. Jasmine

5. Eve

4 Favourite Boys Names

1. Joseph

2. Antony

3.  David

4. There pretty much it really.

3 Things You Like About Yourself

1. It feels good to be able to say and slightly humbling too. At work today I was told that my co-workers love how, no matter what, my laugh makes them laugh and it helps them to keep them sane.

2. My behind has been complimented by men and women alike! It’s a good butt!hehe

3. Personally for me, I like it when I can take care and stand up for those I care about. Especially when I can help solve the problem.

2 Things You’re Looking Forward To

1. Going back to Melbourne!

2. Getting a paying job in a Library!

1 Quote You Live By 

1. “To Thine Own Self Be True” William Shakespeare…Polonius “Hamlet”