Grab and Go…Go…

Nina Allan

I was debating or not whether to write this as a review of the book, or write about the “grab and go” concept. I decided to write about the grab and go concept. If you do want to see a review of the book, you can find it on my Goodreads account.

I’m hoping that by writing a bit about the Grab and Go, others will want to encourage their Libraries to do the same. I think that they are a fantastic idea!

The concept behind Grab and Go that you grab a book from a shelf that has highly recommend (normally new) books and you go with it.

What I love about it is that there is usually a really good selection of new books and they are out there. They’re just hidden within the shelves, despite being new. They are usually on a special shelf, rather than at the end of each ‘bay’. The other thing with Grab and Go books that I enjoy is that if you are stuck in a reading rut. There’s usually an interesting book for you to grab and get you out of your funk. Even if it’s just that the cover is pretty.

I admit that I’ve been lucky when it comes to Grab and Go books. I am sure there are books on the Grab and Go shelf, that may have a pretty cover page. But the inside is bland and unreadable.

The only real downfall with a Grab and Go book. You tend to not be able to have them as long. Usually a fiction book, you can have for a month and renew it at least twice more. With Grab and Go it’s about 10 days and you cannot renew.

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