What an interesting day, World Smile Day was..

How many people looked like this yesterday? Who could blame us! Generally everything was pretty okay, I think because I didn’t get into any fights. Any replies I did do, was all in response to friends and family…

Then it just got…weird,lol

The first thing that I woke up too were the Melania tapes. Which were needless to say, unpleasant. Good god, no wonder she’s still with Trump. They’re pretty much the same kind of person really.

Then Trump and Melania both tested positive for Covid19. Then a few hours later, people started to wonder if they were just faking. Whether that was to get out of the debate. My theory was, that they’re hoping the Melania tapes AND the debate will just leave the social conscious. And who could blame people?

Then there was some GOOD news for trans people in the UK. They are going to take the recent GRA reform and actually DEBATE it in Parliament. Which is absolutely good news! For those who don’t know. They’ve recently reformed some “rules” for the transgender community in the UK. Generally, not much changed, and they took away self-ID. They did make the certificate cheaper though. A

They asked the public, for suggestions, consultations etc. They decided to ignore the results, which were overwhelmingly in favour for more trans rights. I also think 100% that Rowlings little cults, influenced it too. But they blamed TRA’s (Trans Right Acitvists) for skewing the results, and that they said TOO much…Which, what did they think was going to happen?

So they changed the Reform, and THEN the results from the consultations, came out…One, TRA’s weren’t the only group of people who made suggestions and consulted, and they weren’t even the biggest group in favour of more trans rights. I have no idea WHY, they thought they could just ignore that,lol.

So while it was basically all good news. It’s just all … weird…you know?

Good News Update

Thought I’d share with you all an amazing update on my puppy!…Well my 13 year old “puppy” We took her to the vets, and we finally got the Vet we all adore. This would be a big reason why. Sometimes you have to get a second and third opinion. The first vet, we had to take her to another vet, because our regular was closed. She wanted to put her down then and there. So glad I listened to myself and did not allow that too happen!

SO we went back to our regular vet. She explained to us that it is neurological (we guessed that one already). So she decided to give her a dash of steroids to, hopefully, increase her appetite. I believe it was to also help shrink something? Also though, she gave her Valium, to help her sleep. As my doggo was walking around in circles and was having trouble being comfortable.

So the Vet gave her the shot of steroids and we gave her the Valium, a little later, with some food. She passed right out about an hour later.

Come to the next morning, it was like we had out Dog back! She woke my mum with a waggy tail, licking her face, she’s a little wobbly still. She is so good, she ran down the stairs, when she could barely look up…and ran into the door…But she was all good again!lol…Then the best thing she ate all her dog biscuits! She hasn’t eaten her biscuits all week. It’s been wonderful!

I love the Vet! I want to marry her. Our regular vet is so smart and lovely. We had to go to another vet, because our regular vet was closed for the day and we knew we had to get our dog to the Vets. If we had listened to that vet, we would have no dog right now. So glad we decided not too. Today has been wonderful ❤

Good News

There is SO much bad news out there and even when something sweet is said, it is suddenly turned into something really nasty and people just seem to focus on the bad. Taking away anything meaningful from the situation. I have felt hopelessly, trying to be positive, to the point I left Facebook for a good week and it was only because those who cared were positive I was being cyber-bullied, that I came back.

However, just over the weekend and just a couple of weeks ago, I had a little hope. I was just reading a news article, as one does, and I had noticed that the “topic” that all of these articles were under was called “Good News” Good News – 9News

I feel like though this was made into a section because of famed Noni Hazelhurst, recent Hall of Fame Logie winners speech.

 “I don’t want people to think I want everyone to be lovely and sweet, I don’t want that, that’s just stupid. What I want is to try and redress the imbalance, to actually have something that acts as an anecdote to this unremitting negativity because I really think people are suffering and it’s dividing us,”

I am thinking that I might, even myself, start a section that is ONLY ever about good news…

What do you all think?

Cool news is always welcomed here!

So I had two pieces of really most excellent news…Oh yeah, I went there…I said “excellent”…Well one is “news” that I received and the other is something I cannot believe that I’ve forgotten to mention!

The first piece of good news is, there is a society in Australia called “Guide Dogs Australia” which to be honest I thought they only helped raised dogs for the blind. I sponsor one of their dogs from the Guide Dogs and you get updates, quarterly during the year. I received my most recent update and my dog is going to be a Autism Assistance dog (which I am extremely proud of). I have a lot of people in my life whose children suffer from Autism, so this was something that I was excited to share with them.

The other piece of news (that I cannot believe I forgot to share) is that my cousin is on Australia’s “Great Australian Bake Off”. I am so proud of him! It’s quiet funny really, the ladies in my family we’re not huge cookers, but all the guys are so creative and good at cooking. It is really funny watching a family member on television and not being able to breathe when something goes wrong for them. They’ve only had two shows so far, but he is still on there! =D