I chose to honour you…Especially the women in my life..Bye, little girls!

This year, I didn’t really want to make goals to just fail in the first couple of weeks in the new year. So I sat and thought about what I really want to do next year. I don’t think that I need to make goals persay. But I just want to do something better than I did the past year.

This is where you all come in. One thing I wish I had done more of this past year, was hang out with people again. Anxiety wise I think that I’m getting better. I still have off days, I probably always will. What I want to try and achieve this year is to honour my friends and family more. I have absolutely no idea how to do this though. I’m not sure I even know what that means.

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This where I need your help. I know what to honour people means, but how do you do individually or in a group? How do you reach out to try and find out how you can help better, individual people.

I have cried so many happy tears this year, realising how lucky that I am. Because I really am. It’s been one of those years where I’ve realised that sometimes families make the best friends and friends make the best family. This is why I want to honour YOU. Of course I’ve had bad thing happened, had to stop talking to a person or two. Generally, I am actually really lucky. When I’ve had to stop talking to the people or two, or realised that I’ve lost a “friend”. It was you who was there.

I feel like I’ve found my voice a lot more this year. It is irritating, I am very aware of this. When you think you’ve finally found it, it’s fantastic! You can’t shut up and I wont apologise for it. I know some worry that I get too caught up, but I am very aware of myself. I know when it’s getting too much. So I come off of social media for a bit, get myself together. I have really gotten into listening to my body and mind this year. I think I had forgotten too.

All those people who told me I should be more like this person, or that person, or this person said this so I should do this too. Or they are going to block me until I get my shit together. I am me, that’s it. I still find it funny that a bunch of “good guys” told me that I should be more like another girl. Which even if I did turn into that girl, I still wouldn’t be with them. She only likes taken men. Sooooooooo…I still couldn’t be with them…Idiots.

Every year, I think of a song that I think represents me in some way. Once again, we have Taylor Swift,lol I LOVE this song! It such a good song in so many different ways! I listen to it when I actually need to calm down. But there’s one bunch of lyrics, that I feel my female friends that have stuck with me this year, need to replay to themselves. This is how I feel about you. I send my female friends and family a BIG thank you this year!

And we see you over there on the internet
Comparing all the girls who are killing it
But we figured you out
We all know now we all got crowns

I LOVE you ladies, everyone single one of you! You are proof that Ladies and Queen exist and not just in fairy tales! ❤ You are all amazing! ❤ I hope this new year, you embrace and just plain old kill it out there!

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Half Way There

Can you believe that we are roughly halfway through the year?

Are you satisfied where you are up too at the time of the year? Have you been meeting your goals? I thought I might just give a quick run down of where I’m up too now.

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Goodreads: So far in Goodreads, I am behind my Goodreads goal, only by one book.

Currently Reading: “Caraval” by Stephanie Garber and “The Confessions of Catherine de Medici” by C.W. Gortner

Any issues: I actually DNF for a very popular book. So popular I don’t even want to write the name of the novel. I was so sad about it as well, I bought and it looks huge. But I was finding myself getting bored with all the romance. It was kind of like watching Fantastic Beasts 2, I kept waiting for more Beasts and it just never seemed to happen.


So this has been an interesting one. It goes up and down so quickly! I still have to work out what people like about my page. Just when I think that I’ve got it together, I go and lose like 10 followers in one day. It’s bizarre! Find me here.

But Instagram is probably my favourite social media feed. I connect with others about our anxieties and how to handle them. I’m always finding new artist and new animal pages. I want to utilise it more, but trying to figure it out, because it’s so fickle,lol.


Past: So my cholesterol was really high a couple of months ago. My Doctor decided that instead of going straight onto medication, to change my lifestyle for the next couple of months and see what happens.

Current: Now I am currently seeing an nutritionist and a excersioligst. So far, through diet and low-impact exercise. I have lost three kilos, which is fantastic. I have no idea though what my cholesterol is right now, I’ll find out in about another months time.

I am so over struggling with finding fun recipes though.

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So if you read my recent goals (if you haven’t find the post here) I want to get my shop up and running. I’ve been working on it, but I’m looking at different things as well now, instead of just candles. The main reasons I wanted to focus on Candles was because not only do I love them, but the postage was also so expensive!

The problem I’ve been having is that there are SO many better candles out there and this is something that I have not even told my mum or my partner about. So I’ve been thinking about doing other things as well. So far, I’ve come up with things like cups/mugs, bookmarks etc. Accessories really, where I can put some of my own quotes on them. I’m just not a very good artist, so I’ve been working with the bare minimum.

So basically I have been a bit all over the place, and that is fine. I just wish…What we all probably wish…I was a millionaire, because then I would be able to get the stuff I want to get…

I am going on a little bit, aren’t I?!

October Goals.

Yes, I completely missed September. Once I had other Blogs written, I had forgotten about my Goals. I decided that I would change the timing of my goals to the beginning of the month. Starting from now…

  • I do want to get a Yoga Schedule going, I really do want to get my legs stronger again.
  • Start actually wrapping up the Christmas presents, so I know what I’m putting with what.
  • At the moment I’m trying to organise things for my shop, I am currently creating things for it.
  • I need to pass my current class. The only thing I have left to do is to make video tape practicals for it. It’ll be interesting to do!

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(I miss this show,lol)

How I spent my week…

If you haven’t started reading my Blog just this week, then you’ll know I was house sitting for my Mum and I was alone a lot this week.

  • In the end I had 6 bags of clothes and two bag of shoes. Now I’m just deciding whether or not to try and sell my shoes to friends first before giving them away.
  • Many walks with the dog. They were so funny, because we’ve got her this harness that goes around the chest, instead of the neck. She is so tiny though, one leg pops out, at least one street at a time,lol.
  • Finding out about mindfulness. It’s interesting, I heard about mindfulness, but did not understand what it was. I thought it was just part of meditation. I think I’ll write a post more about it.
  • I got so many Christmas presents. All under $50 =D Like altogether under 50. I’ve knocked off a couple of people =D
  • I was constantly cooking too much, I kept having reheated meals. I kept cooking for two or more, when there was only myself.

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August Goals

  • Christmas Present check time! – What I mean by this is, see what I already have gathered, write it down and check what else I need.
  • Get the Lolsy’s Shop up and running.
  • Get a Yoga Schedule – Focus mainly on strengthen my sciatica.
  • Make a budget. I don’t know how but somehow even though my anxiety has lessened and I’ve been able to start catching buses again. Somehow I spent more money than when I’d caught taxis? Makes no sense!

Hopefully I will actually do them this time!

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July Goals…Too tick or not to tick?

This month is very much about getting things that I’ve gotten together and actually start using and creating with them!

  • Get a Yoga Schedule – Focus mainly on strengthen my sciatica.
  • Make a budget. I don’t know how but somehow even though my anxiety has lessened and I’ve been able to start catching buses again. Somehow I spent more money than when I’d caught taxis? Makes no sense!
  • Create some healthy winter recipes.


This month has seriously slipped away from me. I have done … to be frank …None of these! I did look into some healthier recipes, but I did not create any.

The only one I can say that I kind of HAD too do, as I had no choice. I had to budget, because I got underpaid at work. Luckily I had some savings, actually I need to put some of my current money into my savings again. This pass month just got away from me.

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June Goals…Tick or not to Tick?

  • Start making the candles.

I did, but oh my goodness. It’s been a little harder than I thought as well! I bought SO much of it as well. Without realising that I had bought so much of it.

  • Look into labels for candles.

I did do this, I think if I were to sell candles I have to put some warning labels at least on the bottoms of the candles. So I will have to get those.

  • Create something…That is something which I cannot tell you about yet, until it’s all set up…Watch this space for more…

This was done! It was my new (hopefully better organised) website. Which you can find here: Lolly’s Library – The Website

  • Go for my drivers licence…At least my “L’s”

I did this as well. The first time I got one of the give way questions wrong. I had the right answer to begin with as well! I was so frustrated with myself!


  • Go through my pants again and get rid of ones that don’t fit and aren’t not suitable/warm enough for Winter.

I did this one too…But I also bought new pants…I hurt my leg a couple of years ago and put some weight on. Now I’ve been losing it a bit lately. Not only have I been wanting to get rid of pants, but I also have too because some are getting baggier on me now. I always keep at least a pair around whether I put on weight or not. Just in case I put on or lose weight again.

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June Goals

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  • Start making the candles.
  • Look into labels for candles.
  • Create something…That is something which I cannot tell you about yet, until it’s all set up…Watch this space for more…
  • Go for my drivers licence…At least my “L’s”
  • Go through my pants again and get rid of ones that don’t fit and aren’t not suitable/warm enough for Winter.

I find that the problem with Winter is that I don’t actually set up many goals for myself, because I am not a Winter person. My goals are mainly to stay inside for as long as humanely possibly to be honest. Which is why you’ll probably find a lot of my goals for the next couple of months, will be things I can do indoors most of the time.

May Goals…Too tick, or not too tick?

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  • Try on jackets and coats, get rid of ones that I haven’t worn in either years or ever.

I have done this one. It’s amazing how big coats and jackets are! They are not like tshirts and tops where you can fit a few in one bag to get rid of. You can put one or two coats into a bag only. There were a couple I “fit into” just can’t close them up anymore. Which is so sad! Of course they are my favourite coats as well.

  • Look into making my own candles and getting my own quotes on jars. (I was initially inspired by this after thinking about putting Magical Monday on a candle jar for myself. Then I thought why not look more into this?)

I have actually found a couple of sites which look great! It’s been completely fascinating and I have been getting even more ideas!


http://www.labelprintingco.com.au/candle-label-printing.html – There is a pop up conservation window, where they’ll ask if you want any help.


  • Try to create candles with certain fragrances as well…Try to research into what a “motivating” fragrance might be, for example.

This has been a bit harder just because you can’t really “smell” things over the computer. So when I’ve been going into stores, I’ve been trying to see if I can smell them. I actually found a few soaps and I liked their smells,lol. So I’ll have to see if I can create those smell…Watch this space for more!lol

  • Finish up writing the review for “Lord of Shadows”.

I did that too…And you can read it here.

  • Look into healthy Winter recipes.

There are a LOT of soup recipes for Winter. Soups and Stews…When I was little, I used to call Stews…Spew,lol…I have discovered lots of different lasagnes and yummy pies too! I can’t wait to make some of them! I might even post them on here…Don’t you feel lucky? =D