Girls Nights In

I am appreciated all opinions on this matter!

All of last year I wanted to do a Girls Night In, and I have even found a few ideas that I would love to do when the time happens. By night in, I do mean having a bunch of girls come over to my house (or my partners). One thing I would like to know though.

What season is a better time to have a “Girls Night In”…Summer or Winter? 


Girls Nights In

I would love to share ideas with you all, ladies and special ladies alike…What would your “dream girls night in” entail?

You seen it’s been a rough year for a lot of my girlfriends. I’m not talking about your usual break ups and cheating hearts. Too of my girls have had horrible health issues one found a huge cancer (which has now been taken out and they think they got it all). The other had a heart attack, both of these girls are younger than me.

So I have been thinking about having a ladies night! But having the night in, so we can just sit and chat and just have a bit of fun in a safe environment. I have a few ideas, but I would really love to share ideas around. I would also definitely have to have healthy snacks and such. We would probably watch Magic Mike *nods head*

Here are some of my ideas, please share your own ideas!

  • Everyone can wear their pyjamas if they so wish, or some chilled/relax clothing.
  • Thinking of some fun little accessories, too take selfies with clearly.
  • Disney,LoTR, Harry Potter and comedies playing in the background.
  • We HAVE to have healthy snacks and drinks.
  • Party bags with goodies.
  • Games…but what games?!
  • I will probably bring out some of my favourite plushies.

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