Gone Girl

If you have not seen Gone Girl yet, please be aware this review contains spoilers. Spoilers for the movie, as I have not read the book.

I finally got around to seeing “Gone Girl” over the past weekend, it’s a movie that I have wanted to see for a while. I have mainly good things about it and I have to be honest, not many people I know have actually read the book. So this was one of those situations where I haven’t read the book, but have seen the movie.

Hopefully I’ve written enough to hide what I think from the general public. I was SO confused! I had heard so many good things about the movie, that I was certain I enjoyed. I have to say I was not 100% certain why it’s been so revered. The premise of the movie is on the fifth wedding anniversary, a wife goes missing and her husband is presumed to have murdered her. If you had seen the previews and the talk about the movie beforehand, there was a whole thing of “Did he or Didn’t her?”

It’s the plot and what happens closer to the end that I just find so confusing. *Spoilers*

How does NOBODY check her body for cuts, since she is covered is so much blood? No one checks her for cuts, bruises. Only one person in a room full of detectives even questions how she managed to kills a fully grown man when she says that she was tied up and had been abused, starved and beating up? When she left the house and run away to be with some people she didn’t know, her appearance was only slightly changed and was watching the drama unfold on tv, maybe she was also Clark Kent? No one even seems to check the house where she was being held?

I’ll never forget the moment where Ben Afflecks character even asks the detectives “How did she cut his throat if she was tied up all the time as she claims?” To which the police response is “Can’t you just be happy your wife is home?”

The idea of the movie is a good one, a lot of suspense in the idea. The execution was definitely poorly performed. There was no suspenseful twists, there was O suspense…Other than even after everything…For some reason, other than something wrong with him…Ben Afflecks character stays with her?

I was so uninspired.


Ladies, here’s why we do not rule the World

I think the pairing between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston may be one of the weirdest pairings that I have ever seen and I don’t quiet it…But saying that, it’s NOT for me to “get it”. Personally for me I think that they are just having some fun and who knows where it’ll go.

However saying this, I saw pictures of them walking out on the weekend holding hands and nearly all the negative comments were on Taylor not Tom. The way some were talking about her, you’d think she was with some guy who had no thoughts or opinion of his own…He is 35 years old, he is a nearly a decade older than her. You saying the man don’t have is own mind? He is a grown ass man. I hardly think that Tom Hiddleston finds it the least bit charming that people think he had no mind of his own and is so easily led astray.

Or, how about the time I got into an argument with another “woman” because apparently men can’t possible get abused by us because they’re naturally bigger than us? They can just leave whenever they want. Or how many women jumped on the “We hate Amber Heard” bandwagon with no proof? Believe it or not people can change and people do not always react the way you do to the same situation. Take a look at Joanne Lees, people thought she murdered her boyfriend simply because others didn’t believe she reacted they way they THOUGHT she should have.

How many memes have you seen from women ‘warning’ other women that if they try and get with their man, they’ll be consequences…Where are the meme’s about the actual person your dating not cheating or straying?

Just take a look at this article for a good example…Who really is acting like the 12 year old? Why we think Hiddleswift are faking their relationship! Written by “so-called journalist” Jennifer Fletcher.

A Girl and her Dog

This isn’t really a “Quote” of the week type thing, but I just thought that these posts were too much of a win. I recently purchased this picture A Girl and her Dog, drawn by The art of Tim Shumate and I just loved it.

While I was looking for things that related to a Girl and her Dog, I came across the awesome site “Book Riot” (for the wing again!) and they have this amazing list of things you can buy that is literary related that you can buy for you dog!


I want all of them for my puppy, even though she wouldn’t use half of them!lol

Good Girl

So I think that I may have mentioned previously that I was feeling a bit down last week and was finding it hard to be “motivated”. There was one reason for this and one reason alone, but first … Picture it, Adelaide … 2012…A youngish girl is all excited that she is now volunteering with her local Library, hoping to start her career, not able to see into the future, had no idea for the next three years that she would be completely mucked about with.

Here’s a few things that have happened to me over the years:

  • For over a year they were telling me that they had my resume on file and for over a year they lied to me.
  • Even as a Library student, they let me do a practical for them and they have still not given my a certificate to verify that I participated in the activity, even though it nearly caused me to fail.
  • Since they’ve wasted so much of my time telling me they had my file and they did not. They’ve changed their policies (which is what I found out last week). So even though I have always been on time, I cannot work at the Library now for a least a year and a half.

So my usual happy self has been extremely…well to phrase it correctly…Been pretty pissed off really.

I have definitely been having one of those weeks where I have to question, I do the right thing all the time, and it’s pretty much getting me nowhere.

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