The Four Seasons…My Town


Woke up:

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Lunchtime (right in the middle of food shopping too)

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Wonder what tonight will bring!



So I did it…

I hope that not too many people in my life know about this Blog…and if they do…Oh well,lol

I finally went to see a psychotherapist and I am really glad that I went to see somebody.

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It was fantastic!

See, I’m one of those people that don’t really like to burden people with my problems…I’ve told people about my anxiety mainly so they understand why I’ve stopped turning up to things and how I just don’t want to be treated anymore.

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The main issues that I’ve been having is since I’ve started taking my anxiety medication I’ve become more “susceptible” to things…If I read it or hear about it I’m convinced I’m going to get it…Which isn’t great when all these people around myself and celebrities that I adore, have either been having or dying from heart attacks…It’s so tiring being on high alert ALL the time when the pills make you so sleepy.

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(This Chihuahua looks like my doggie)

It’s been fantastic to talk to someone/anyone about what I’ve been going through, what I’ve been feeling, how the anxiety started…It’s been great! The first time I went we just kept talking that I didn’t even notice the time go by. I was so sad when it ended. She did say that sometimes after the first session people get really upset because they’ve let out so much…But I felt great! I even went into the city and did shopping for 3 hours all by myself! I haven’t done that since I first got came down with the anxiety blues. I can’t actually wait to go back!

Did you know?

This is a totally “Did you know” joke…sarcasm..satire…It’s supposed to be funny

Did you know this? Did you hear about this?

I personally thought that this was something that literally every female artist has ever done before…as a “rite of passage” thing…But did you know that apparently Beyonce “invented” ¬†having her dancers in a “formation”? Funny, I didn’t know that either! Personally I had thought it had always been around?! I could have sworn I’ve seen it somewhere else before?

That’s just me though *sips teas*


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Don’t forget about the guys either!

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(Just so people know I love Beyonce, Janet, Taylor and all above mentioned artists…You’d just think people would have more important things to be “upset” about)

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

So YAY to long weekends! Is there anything better than a long weekend? Unless of course you’re a casual worker like me, where you can be called in every day, so you never really relax. It’s hard to describe to people who have never been a casual worker before. I feel like I have to act like I am going to work the next day, even when I’m not scheduled, because I could still be called in. I do not want to be called into work and be all hung over, or something like that.

The reason for our pubic holidays is to celebrate Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth birthday. Since Australia is apart of the Commonwealth, we get a public holiday, It’s a little odd though. The Queens ACTUAL Birthday is April 21st, but her “official” birthday is always on a Saturday during June, generally the second weekend.

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So why the second birthday? (Other than…How cool would that be?!)

Queen Elizabeth is not the first Royal Family member to have a second birthday. The tradition was believed to have started with the Reign of King George II in 1748. The answer really is quiet simple and you can see when you see the reason why it started to become a tradition. George II was born in October but the annual summer military cavalcade became a celebration of the king as well as the armed forces.