This is Halloween …

Well, not today, obviously (haha)

Out of the American “Holidays” … Halloween is my favourite, but they probably got that from the Celtic Pagans and their festival of Samhain. Anywhoo, this is the month where we “celebrate” the dead!

This year I think I want to see about how to “celebrate” my Samhain side. I think this year is turning out to be even crazier than last year. I’ve already got stuff together for trick and treaters though! Even though I am Australian, last year, the neighbours actually did the whole trick and treating thing. This year, I would like to join them.

Mainly for myself though, I would rather do Samhain. We are currently looking at homes for my Gran, and we need to be really be able to go at anytime.

So some things I was thinking of was:

  • Make my own little witch broomsticks (just little tiny ones from twigs out the back). Hang them around the front.
  • I’m getting just a plain black wreath, so I can probably do something with that.
  • Light candles, even if it’s just those little flickering fake ones.
  • Sage everything!
  • I’m thinking because Samhain is for honouring and thinking of those who have passed. I don’t know how, but make a little memory table, and perhaps, even get people in the community to write down the name of a lost loved one. Then take them and burn them in our fire pit, or barbecue.

Thank you <3

I have been having a particularly rough week when it comes to my insecurities and the only place that I have felt “safe” is on here…That’s because of all of you all ❤ My readers ❤

It’s been going on since about Sundayish and my Mum is overseas at the moment and I have had no idea how much I talk to her about everything! I’ve kept making myself happy and then something happens and I’m down again. I am at the point where I am buying a new dress =P

I don’t think anyone’s intentionally doing it, but it’s just annoying me. It kinds of goes back to my post about and just the patterns and cycles happening again. I do wonder sometimes wonder if anyone would noticed if I actually just never signed off of Facebook…Wonder who would even notice? Like I know I am pretty much no one’s favourite…anything really…and I wonder sometimes if my Great Grand-father were still here, would things be different for me?

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Published on 29 Apr 2015
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