We’re all a danger

This weekend I was called a homophobe.

And I couldn’t stop laughing about it.

I just got called a homophobe for pointing out that Lesbians have harmed other people. đŸ˜‚ I’m like “Mate, I’ve watched a whole crime show about the Amish killing people”. If I pointed out that show to you, am I suddenly a Trineophobe too? đŸ˜‚ Irony was that they were the ones asking for it. Literally, asked for proof that Lesbians harm other people.

Murder, rape, bigotry all the bad things about human beings, is about power. And you will find people who want that, in every single group.

I think that they just didn’t like that it was pointed out that Lesbians are not a monolith, and are just as capable of violence, like every other group on this planet. That’s not homophobia.


Of course I’m biased!

I find it pretty funny when people will say to be, you have a leftist bias against Tucker Carlson


What is there to like?

Apart from the vacant stare, where he clearly is not listening to whose he talking too. And looks like Mr Potato Head, what is there to find funny or like about the “man”.

Tucker Carlson under fire for speaking at Hells Angels president’s funeral Graig Graziosi – 13h ago

He *thinks* the US should be on the side of Putin

He routinely has a go at legal migrants, but is speaking at a Hells Angels President funeral

I thought this was going to be longer, but look who I’m writing too! You all know what a terrible person he is!

The Right and it’s total oddness

This isn’t so much a rant, as it is a “discussion” as to how weird the Right really are, and why it can be difficult to “debate” them. I’ve stopped trying to do it, because they’re so weird, lol. I know why they do it. These days, I just point out the flaws in their original statements and tend to stay away from “debating” them. They don’t do it, lol

This week, I’ve been looking at “news articles” and unfortunately a lot of them these days, you can write comments. And a lot of them are from right wingers with no lives clearly, lol.

Its just been funny, looking and reading them. Mainly because they can be on a topic, and ignore everything about it and call everyone else “deluded” or they go right off topic. You don’t even have to have a debate with them, they just make it difficult to have a conversation with them.

I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that they just really don’t care, do they. They are just more interested in telling us what they *think*. I’ve always known this. Just not really going into “fight with them”. Reading what they’re writing.

They don’t care about the fetus, the babies, the women, the millennials and the elderly being able to get a job. I doubt that they even care about God. They just want it all their own way. Which is impossible. They are never going to compromise, unless they are made too.