Dogs vs Cat

That age old question who is better? Dogs or Cats?…I am crazy dog lady!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody =D

Uploaded by Tiger Productions

Published on 5 Feb 2014

Funny comparison between dogs and cats! Cat lovers please don’t be angry now, we just showed some funny stereotypes ūüėČ Of course all dogs and cats are not like this. Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

7 Stages of a Break up….Animal Style!

This weekend most of my Facebook has been filled with people who keep going on how great their partners are or are now getting married and while I’m trying to be all “yay”…I think though I am at the stage of the anger from my break up being¬†finally here (oh and I don’t think that it helped that one of my “friends” decided to ditch me…again…to go interstate to go see Orlando Bloom at a con, who she doesn’t even like and who I actually am in love with. While always also leaving me with a ticket to a show that we were suppose to go to that I actually couldn’t really afford) So¬†my “anger level” at the moment is Nuclear.

How do animals just instantly make everything better? I can honestly say that I have done stage 4 once and I will NEVER do it again!