I think I actually hate them, lol

Yeah, the writer who wrote plays about magical beasts, men dressing up as women and women dressing up as men. Would have hated they/them. Also Shakespeare wouldn’t have written it like that, because Shakespeare knew how to write English.

I also do not know how I managed to post this so late, lol


So I’m engaged

I did very well this Christmas.

However, I was asked a lot of questions about the engagement. I hadn’t even got the ring back yet, haha.

So because I don’t have to travel to see my partners parents for the next couple of days (we both have colds/flus and a lot of his side are immune compromised). I have spent today looking up “Wedding Things”. Mainly the fun things, my goodness, there are so many ideas out there! I have been able to find things that my partner and I would both enjoy.

We want a Spring wedding (so for us, that’s September, October and November). That’s all we’ve got so far.

Also, because we have got a flu/cold, because I’ve been going for the last two weeks, pretty much non-stop. Now I know I can relax, of COURSE my body is going full flu/cold, lol.

What I would like to know as well though. I would love to invite all you bloggers to it. I just know that that is not very practical. Would you be annoyed if I posted things about the planning? I do not want to be one of “those” brides. I actually think my Groom may be become a Groomzilla, and I already have enough people driving me nuts, lol. I don’t want to do it to others. I would love to be able to write about the process though and share my ideas with someone.

I wont do it though, if you all find it too annoying.


Soooooooooooooooooo, I went to Sydney over the last few days and it was such fun. Up until the end, but that was mainly due to a storm in Sydney, but my goodness! What chaos ensued then, we ended up waiting in the airport for nearly 10 hours overall. It nearly ruined a great weekend, … nearly …

I’ve posted some pics below with a little writing. If you don’t want to read what I’ve written, that’s totally cool. Unfortunately as well, I don’t have a WP where I can post videos.

Can I just say how “human” that Gorilla looks in that first picture?

We were not allowed to touch any of the animals through our tour. The echidnas were absolutely gorgeous! They didn’t really have much fear of us, and I suspect that’s why you’re not allowed to touch them. All the echidnas, were brought in, because they were hit by a car, or something similar, so would never survive in the wild. The Taronga Wildlife retreat, currently have 5 and the one pictured above is called Sporky and is estimated to be about 50 years old!

Just going to throw this one in there too.

We honestly had some amazing weather and views, right up until we had to leave. The heart by the way, is a replicated t-rexs heart, and yes II am talking to the trees, haha.

Fun! … Enjoy the food!

Lets do something different, lets do something that gives our brains a break.

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell ‘angry’ over HBO adaptation

Elsewhere on the podcast, Bushnell said that “women’s real sexuality looks a lot like Samantha Jones”.

I am aware of how this day brings up conflicting emotions for people, and I am not even talking about the Native American Tribes, either! I do not need to get into that with you all, you’re good people, you know.

I’m not American, so I will say as little as possible. Just I hope you have good “things” to be thankful for, and that you stuff yourselves with glorious foods products!

Do you agree with this article?

The 10 Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes –

BY Fine Dining Lovers,


02 November, 2022

Now comes the part where we throw our heads back and laugh.

I finally saw the movie where these guys come from. George of the Jungle! I was watching and thinking too myself “I know those guys”…Then it clicked.

The whole of last night, I was by myself, so I washed my hair, had some dips, crackers and vegemite on toast. Since I’ve had my wisdom teeth taken out, I got some much needed time to myself. So that’s literally what I did, chill. I went on such a nostalgia run last night. I didn’t even drink any wine.

What do you like to do, to just “chill”?

The dumbest

I tell you something, Twitter has some really dumb people on it. The other day a “TERF” wrote and I quote “I refuse to be called a bleeding body…I am woman!”

First thing I thought of was “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?”

Then I thought, well technically, we’re ALL a bleeding body. At some point, I am like 99.99% percent sure that we’ve bled.

In the end I said to them “Call yourself whatever you want”.

Which brings me to the point of my post. If you could bleed whatever you wanted too…What would you bleed?

Enjoy Tonight <3

I want you all to enjoy tonight’s festivities. I want to forget the real world for one night and have fun.

If you don’t want to watch Halloween movies, and want to watch Comedy instead, do so. If you want to eat healthy instead of candy, do so. If you want worship Satan or Santa, go for it, lol.

I am planning on coming off social media, watching funny thing, no serious things or news!