What a day!

I don’t even know where to start with it, lol.

I would like to begin with sending some big love to DJ Twitchs family and friends today.

Michelle Obama pays tribute and hails Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss

I LOVED his dancing videos, and at 40 too. Mental Health can be such biotch sometimes!

Elon Musk is just suspending any journalist who rightly criticizes him. You don’t have to criticize him. He suspended the Mastodon account too. He’s suspended journalist who retweet any journalist who rightly criticized him.

Musk then was in a space chat with the journalist he blocked, only to leave after three questions…

The Right Wing UK Media, are saying that PRINCESS DIANA would have been disappointed by Harry…Diana would have been to woke for the Right Wing media. I am becoming less and less surprised that not only have Harry and Meghan gone to America, but Diana did too.

EXCLUSIVE: Diana planned to Malibu with William and Harry


“Ironically, some derogatory comments about the Queen Mother from the Princess were removed from the final cut.[16][17]

Trying to explain to older people why they are, in fact, being fatphobic. While they insist we were just generalising, was WILD. I love old people. But you know how the right wing say they’re not who we say they are, while proving at the same time, that they are being who the left say they are? That was like this conversation.

I mean, they were saying maybe the old lady was just “concerned” about their grand daughter putting on weight. Except they kept automatically assumed that this meant the grand daughter must be obese. In this conversation none of us even know what weight the grand daughter is. One time one them said that older people just remember a time when everyone was a “healthy weight”. I had to remind them, that a lot of older people smoked, drunk alcohol (and were probably functioning alcoholics) Coca cola had actual COKE in it.

Being skinny does not automatically = healthy. And automatically assuming someone MUST be obese, is also generalising and fatphobic.