Lest We Forget…Or do we?

Every year on this day, I get all teary and I try to watch a couple episodes of “Band of Brothers”. Every year though, I ask myself “Have we learnt anything though?”.

Veteran homelessness and medical services are still huge problems.

Most Governments will do the whole ceremony, and then the next day cut funding the the Vets.

People will say “lest we forget” and “I stand with Ukraine” then dismiss, harass and bully minority groups with their own countries, the next day, or the same day.

These days, we tend to forget VERY quickly. ,


The one thing I can’t let go of…

Do we all have that one thing we cant let go of? We may have forgive, we may have forgotten what they did too us, but you never forget that one feeling they made you feel, when you think about it?

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I forgive pretty easily, but I take a long time to forget and if it comes up, I tend to remember how I felt and then I’m either angry, upset or happy for the rest of the day.

I apologise for this short post, it’s has been SO warm here and I am just feel like I am slowly melting…Or really fast,lol

And that’s the end of that chapter (Credit: Homer Simpson)

It’s time to say goodbye,
It’s time to turn the page over and start anew.

It’s time to forget and move on,
It’s time to make you a fictional nightmare that will never happen again.

“I want to forgive you and I want to forget you”.

…And I will…You treated me like my life didn’t matter, I think it’s fair I treat like you never existed.

You were the worst mistake I have ever made and will never make again,
You taught me so much that was wrong.

Why…WHY can’t I just have one knight in shining armor, it is all that I have ever wanted,
Why do I keep the douche-bags wrapped up in aluminium instead?
Why is it only me they ever treat like the dirt beneath their feet.

I am tired of you making me feel like there is something wrong with me,
When it’s YOU who should be feeling like this, not me.

I will not allow you or any other “man” make me feel like this again,
I want to shine in the sun, where I belong.

“To live would be an awfully big adventure”

Published on 16 Jul 2012