Force Birthers

I refuse to call them pro-lifers anymore. Especially when they choose to dismiss the recent case of the 11 year old, like 11 years old aren’t getting raped or something? Force Birthers, you do NOT get to pick and choose. Especially when…IT’S NONE YOUR DAMN BUSINESS! Abortion and Healthcare are NOT black and white, it is literally a case by case scenario, of which NONE of us are involved.

Anyone who dismisses an 11 year old being forced to give birth, in AMERICA, because it doesn’t fit into a neat little package for you…You disgust me. For anyone who says, but it’s rare…How do you know it’s rare? The ONLY reason it’d be “rare” is because not a lot of 11 years old are able to give birth, which is why a lot of young ones that age are targeted. (Not, that that makes it any better).

If you pick and choose though, who you can have abortions, doesn’t that make you…


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It’s almost like it’s a complicated choice and not one complete strangers know anything about.