It’s here!!!

It’s finally that time of year…The AFL Grand Final Weekend is here! Adelaide Crows vs Richmond.  For those more overseas readers of mine, the AFL Grand Final is pretty much the Superbowl of America weekend. It’s just very exciting to me because my state is playing in the Grand Final, it’s all very exciting!
Also, if you live in Melbourne you get an extra public holiday…Luckies!


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RIP Phil Walsh

Today I was woken up in shock as I learnt the sad news that AFL Crows coach Phil Walsh had died and had been stabbed to death. The most shocking part of it all was that the perpetrator was his own son.

Well…maybe it’s not that shocking, after all around about 90% of violence and murders are by people that the person knows and these people are usually family members.

I am a big footy fan and the Crows are my team and although there are numerous statistics proving that this happens all the time, I think this is honestly the first time that I have ever heard of such a well known Coach or sports-person (in Australia) being stabbed or killed.