There’s something that needs to be explained to me, something I really don’t understand and was hoping someone could explain it too me.

I do not understand for the life of me, why some people “like” alt-right comments. By “people” I mean, seemingly by ‘resisters’. For example, a Trump supporter will write something, usually stupid and no sense. There will always be  a few resisters who will like the comment, but I personally don’t get it? I’ve always seen liking a comment as agreeing , supporting or showing “togetherness”.

I honestly do not understand.



I am thinking more along Facebook and Instagram…Why is it the people who unfollow you, are never the people who you want to unfollow you? Then when they do, it always has to be dramatic. Those people, you know the “I just got rid of a lot of people off my friends list, feel lucky that you are still on my list”. I hate those people, even when I am still on the list,lol. Why do they insist on always making it public as well?

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My “best friend” blocked me for saying I don’t want to be treated like crap anymore, and I didn’t shed a tear. No offence, I’m probably not going to get that upset about you. If you’re someone I admire, I might, mainly from disappointment though, if you haven’t told me why you unfollowed. I’m just not that “invested” these days.


Did many of you know that the morning after BK was voted in , a reporter asked Trump “Why do you think so many women are outraged?” His Answer … “I don’t think they are” I can get that, why he thinks like that. 45% of Trumps supporters were white women.

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However, it did make me think about “minions” in general, people that we see every day just saying “Yes” to everything someone else may say. I think we have all known someone like this. So what does make them that way? I remember the moment I wanted to walk away from my ex friends. It was about 2-3 years ago. I had finally had enough of hearing about one of my friends on and off boyfriend. He is abusive and a bully. A 60 year old man who was getting kicked out of concerts for fighting guys young enough to be his Grandson. Her excuse? Because I was single she told us these horrible stories because when she’s single, she hates hearing how happy we are in our relationships.

Now, just ignore the fact that she was just in her 30’s and that I’m not like that at all. It was our others friends (now ex-friend) response that also threw me.

She kept agreeing with the other girl, like it’s an okay to think that way? That when you’re single, you enjoy hearing how miserable your friends that are in relationships, are miserable. Did she not realise that when this girl was single, the entire time she has known all of us, she was HAPPY when we were miserable. Yet, she’s sitting there, agreeing with every crazy thing this other girl was saying.

Not ONLY that but after this girl that was agreeing, she then tagged everyone else, but me, cause she “forgot me accidentally” in a post that was all about what great friends all these other people are -.-

I was sitting there, like this:

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These are “grown women” in their 30’s.

So, on some level I do understand these women following Trump, but I don’t know why. What gets them to that point? It’s not a secret or anything how Trump feels about women…It never has been. Like, it’s not a secret how my ex-friends felt, but I thought they had grown up…At least a little bit.

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The Big 500!

I’ve been keeping an eye on this post all week, in case things change a lot. Over the past weekend I realised that I know have 500 “followers” and I am stunned! Hence why I’ve been keeping an eye on this post and see if people dropped off…Haha

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It is amazing to me that I honestly even have 1 follower, let alone 500…It’s amazing and it literally could not happen without every single one of you. I mean quite literally, it’s thanks to every single one of you. I don’t actually like calling you all “followers”, I personally prefer to call you readers. Followers seems very much like I’m a Goddess or something. Which I don’t mind thinking to stroke my own ego, but this is definitely not what people who read any post on WordPress are, we are readers.

I would like to take this moment to thank each and every single one of you for helping me get there. For those who don’t know when I started this, I started it as a school project and it’s just developed from them. It’s changed over the last couple of years and I’ve Incorporated more and more into the Blog, I’ve got my Twitter account connected.

Too be completely honest, I think I wouldn’t even do the writing I do now if I hadn’t have kept this up. Having the “responsibility” of a Blog means that I’m always thinking, always thinking of topics to talk/write about.  It helps me to keep motivated, and that wouldn’t also happen if I didn’t have readers who were reading.



I  hit the 400 followers mark this week! I am so incredibly excited and incredibly grateful.

For those who don’t know, I started this Blog as a school project and it’s progressed from there. Since I didn’t really have a plan to start off this Blog with, it has made many changes over the times I’ve had it. It is the longest diary/journal I have ever had. Although I’m not honestly sure I would call it that because, it’s isn’t like I’m writing extremely personal entries on here.

I love this Blog world. I really do, I feel safe on here. The people I’ve met on here, the way it’s change my life. It really as, I cannot talk about the topics and issues that I do with the people that I do on here with my own friends. It’s kind of sad really. I have to be honest. I think no one really wants to hear it, the people I know. Anytime I bring a topic on my Facebook, people just don’t want to hear it…Ironically, if you play the “happy” on Facebook, they’ll respond to that. Even though every single self-aware adult knows how fake Facebook is. Apparently it’s not okay to stand for something on Facebook. Damn, I am OVER fake! It almost seems to me that people want to encourage the fake, not the real.

That’s why I love the Blogging World. It doesn’t seem to have the extreme negativity that other sites Facebook and Instagram have. Why that is, I don’t know. It has the discussions, it has the fun. It deals with the real and the fake. I feel like I can be, I discuss whatever it is that I want too. People are reading what is in my brain, rather than judging me on what I look like, or what I dress up like…It’s so freeing!

The only thing that I honestly wish is that I could hang out with the people from the Blogging world.

Monday Magic!

Today is a very exciting day for me (well actually it was Friday, but I tried three times to make a Vlog and the audio just kept cutting out and then made the rest of the audio on my computer cut out).

So on Friday morning I woke up with some amazing news. When I first wake up in the morning I try and check my WordPress, when I can. I now have over 300 followers! YAY!!!

Now for some people who have like the thousands followers it might be “So What?!” To me though it is amazing! I am honestly surprised that I have even one followers. People in my life dont even know that I am doing this, except for my partner, and he only found out this week!

Blogging for me is a kind of Freedom. I have people who don’t know me, having discussions with me and I honestly miss this! I find these days people (even without any malice intended) judge you and instead of wanting to have a discussion, they just want to be right. I don’t find this with Blogging. I honestly believe that Blogging is more about having discussions with people who are interested in the same thing and without the judgement.

So thank you to ALL of my amazing followers, I love you all so much you have no idea!



I have joined the world of “Instagram”…It’s not so much I’ve “given in”, it’s more than I can win gift vouchers on there for the clothing stores that I am really in love with.

Instagram is so much different from all the other social media sites out there because you are pretty much trying to express yourself through pictures and photos. I am not an expert photographer so it’s making for an interesting time. I’ve gotten a few followers and have no idea how to get more, so any advice would help me out so much. I’m not sure if the more followers you have, the more chance you have at winning competitions.

If you want to follow me…Follow me here: