This or That? #59


This or That? #59

This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know:

Have you ever started a series and not finished it? If so, why?

I have to admit that I have done this a couple of times, the most well known series that I have still yet to finish is probably The Chronicles of Narina (Wikipedia). I have read the first three books of the series, but I have yet to even pick up any of the others. I believe there are 7 total in the series?

Its just never happened. When the movies came out I was really hoping that they would make all of the books into movies, but it didn’t happen, probably not going to ever happen. I think if all of the movies had been made, I would have read that particular book before the movie came out. I just never went through the whole series. I can’t even say that the books I haven’t read bore me or anything, because they are beautifully written. I have just never read them.

I think it was also had to do with once the characters we had been introduced to in the beginning were dropping off and leaving. It’s kind of like watching a tv series and then once the original characters are not in it anymore, you lose interest. Its one of the reasons I stopped watching Greys Anatomy. It freaked me out recently watching Cold Case, also for example, from the beginning, since I had never seen it before from the pilot.¬†They had all these different actors right at the beginning, the difference in the atmosphere and connection between the actors, just put me off.