November Goals

Can you believe it? It’s only a little over a month to Christmas! So expect a lot more festive goals this month!

  • Handcraft Christmas Cards for at least family and immediate friends, to then be posted on Card Day in December.
  • By mid-November I will have determined who I have presents for and what I have left to get.
  • I am currently reading Cassandra Clare’s “Lady Midnight” The Dark Artifices, Book one and then write a review about it…Good or Bad…I’ve been wanting to start reading this series for a long time and I finally got my hands on the first book.

The Holiday Blues

I have been noticing a lot of “holiday blues” post over the last couple of weeks and I have to admit that I am kind of feeling them a bit this year. Part of is due to I don’t always feel comfortable going out at the moment. The other part is…it’s just been a crappy year, and the thought of 2017, isn’t looking too much brighter at the moment.

We’ve had very close votes for nearly every single country, all of which has brought out a lot of hate. I do mean a scary amount of hate. The thing is, most of the stuff that’s happening in 2017 hasn’t even happened yet! We’ve been seeing just the run up. No wonder everyone is feeling a little more down this year…It’s been horrifying!

What I try to do when I’m feeling a bit blue around times that should be happy. I try to focus on that occasion. Instead of reading the news, I’ll read if there are any specials on things I need. Instead of reading opinions, I’ll read a good book, full of my own imagination.

I know it’s hard. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are hard to put behind. Think about it like this. If your best friend was getting upset because of these sites and was becoming addicted to these sites. What would you do? It’s an interesting thought that we would be more willing to stop our friends and help them, then ourselves. It’s amazing how even having one day off can make the world of difference.

Clean, Bake, Make and Craft.

The hardest thing is to give yourself permission to take a day off.

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It’s the most magical time of the year…

It seems appropriate to talk about the most famous person at this time of year. If you go to Google at the moment, there is a tracker that you can view and it tells you how long it will be until Santa visits.

Whatever you might call him, I think we can all agree that this time is not only a magical time but is also a completely insane time of year. That last couple of days before the big day.

I actually got into a fight recently though for someone who is a “atheist” calling parents ‘stupid’ for letting their children believe in Santa. I normally try to stay out of “belief” type debates, but that one really mad me angry.

I think ANY type of extremist attitude is not alright. There is nothing stupid for letting children believe in Santa Claus, especially around Christmas. I think it is much more important to bring up children to be decent adults. What someone believes in does not for one second make someone bad or good and definitely does not make someone “stupid”. In every “belief/non-belief” system there is always going to be extremist who thinks that they are better than the rest.

The recent events in Sydney made me really realise this, most religions are based on loved for each other. They are definitely not based on what the extremists promote. I think that there’s nothing wrong with that? What’s wrong with telling people to love each other? If faith gets you through the day, I don’t understand why, quiet frankly, it’s anyone else’s business? It does make me laugh though how, I would call myself an “Agnostic” I have to constantly point out to my religious and atheist friends how similar they really are.

I just hate it when they bring Father Christmas into it…That is not cool!

Here as an extra bonus is a video that I found funny Santa fails:

Published on 6 Dec 2013

Funny Santa Claus Fail Compilation 2013