Feminism vs the Patriarchy

Ugh, lol

I know that transphobes are being intentionally stupid, but sometimes.

Transphobic people are all “We’re feminists, because we don’t want males in our sports”. That isn’t feminism, that’s patriarchy. The patriarchy is all about keeping people into set boxes. Feminism is about equality, seriously, look up the definitions.

Feminism recognise’s that not all are put neatly into little boxes. It’s equality for all. Take trans athletes, as an example. People are NOT going “I’m a man/women” and then the very day they’re competing in high level athletics. Especially at the high level competitions, there are rules for trans people. They have to have a certain level of testosterone or estrogen before they’re allowed to compete, things like that.

You cannot just declare you’re the opposite sex and then the next day you’re in the Olympics in that category, it just doesn’t work like that.

There are trans people, intersex people, non-binary people. There are women who can give birth, who don’t want children, women who can’t give birth, women who want to be an surrogate. Women who adopt. Gay people, masculine looking women, feminine looking men. Like other’s have said better than me, the patriarchy likes to reduce people from human beings to nothing but bodies. This is what most bigotries do. It’s what racists, misogynists, misandrists and of course, transphobia.

Basically, every bigotry is for the patriarchy, anti-bigot is feminism, haha.


Why I raise my wand with Emma Watson

I am 37, and have recently stopped speaking with my Dad a couple of months. Because he’s been doing what the #TERFs and #transphobes are currently doing to Emma Watson. At not a single point in her life, does Emma owe anybody anything. She is not a slave.

Much love to you Emma Watson ❤ What she did was incredibly brave.

We really need to get over this mentality, that we “owe” people things. You shouldn’t be doing things so you can be owed later anyway.

In most European countries, we are very lucky with how much freedoms we have. In fact, sometimes I honestly believe that we have too much! Every single “Freedum” Marcher, should have been arrested for putting the public’s health at risk, every single one.



What Feminism is not

Having noticed that TERFs have been calling themselves “Feminist” a lot lately. I will tell you what it is not.

Firstly TERFism is not Feminism, haha

Whether you agree or call yourself one or not. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t automatically mean you are a feminist.

I consider myself a Feminist, because I believe in Equality. Now there is another term that people like to use “Equalitarian”. Which is basically, equality for both sexes.

I personally, have no problem with either of these terms. They mean pretty much the same thing. Feminism just has a focus on Females/Women.

Feminism itself though, is not a weapon to use against others to “get back” at those who have abused the patriarchy.

Feminism is not a excuse to hide behind and attack others.

Feminism is not a excuse to hide behind women and girls, and attack others.

Feminism is for equality.

You can’t have feminism without men either. Men can absolutely be Feminists too. If we choose to exclude men from feminism, how would that make it better than the patriarchy?

Are you a feminist or not?

On Twitter (oh Twitter) there seems to be a lot of confusion what a feminist is. There are a lot of “feminists” out there who are not actual feminists *cough* Anita Sarkeesian *cough* Who call themselves feminists, but here are some clues that there are not actual feminists.

  • They HATE men. They just hate all men, that is not Feminism.
  • They don’t usually allow people to “learn”. You have to be THEIR way the first time.
  • They attack, they don’t communicate. Like above, it’s their way or no way.
  • They have very similar wording to MRA’s.
  • They usually don’t like transgender people.  Feminism is about equality. Non-feminists don’t usually consider people who “change” their sex to be of their new gender.
  • Feminists want to be equal to men, not their overlords.
  • They tend to be angry at who knows who.

There are also two types of non-Feminist. There are the ones who just don’t want to label themselves as a Feminist. These people are usually a lot calmer, they just don’t want to be labelled. Then there are the extreme Feminists or aka Feminazi’s. Where they call themselves a Feminist, but they’re actually not. These Feminazi’s are usually the type that are described above. Think of MRA’s who say they are for Men’s Rights, but they are more for just hating on women.



…And you are CANCELLED Germaine Greer

I warn you…I got SO angry reading this article…Not only did Germaine Greer admit to hearing her friend getting raped and when her friend asked her about it, she said “Might have been”


Germaine Greer “heard friend being raped and ‘did nothing’.

She then goes on to insult ALL the Harvey Weinstein victims and the ones now coming out.

…And YES…If you are married, you can still be raped and can still be a rapist…That ring isn’t some kind of “get out of jail/rape free card”.

…The stupid of it all!

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Apples and Oranges

I just wanted to state to those who may question this, Feminism is not a cancer! You are not dying or died from Lorde saying:

“Hey, men – do me and yourselves a favour, and don’t underestimate my skill,”

First, I am pretty sure that Lorde was directing this at certain men or a particular man in her life. Second, I’ve always believed if someone’s comment affects you personally,  (especially those of people you don’t actually know) maybe you should ask yourself why? Personally I have never been affected by the words of someone I don’t know and haven’t done anything too.

The thing I hate is people comparing Feminism to Cancer, when it’s not a suitable comparison and is disrespectful to people who are fighting cancer, or those who have lost loved ones as a direct result of cancer. No one…man or woman…died or died slowly, or had to go a hospice or had their body quickly deteriorate, because of Lorde and her words. Especially if you are taking a complete strangers words and take them personally. That’s your ego hurting, not cancer. True Feminism wants equality between men and women, that’s the point of it. You can’t have that if you hate either gender, that’s not equality. That would be superiority.

Yes, there are women out there who probably do actually hate men and want women to be superior. We are human after all and I think every group will always have it’s extremist. The majority of women however truly just want equality. When you want to see negative things, guess what? You find them. IF you are looking for something bad or good, you will find what you are looking for.

Next time someone writes something, actually stop, breathe and think “Do these words affect me at all? Why do they?”.


What I think…

*These opinions and views are entirely my own*

I feel like I have to get this off my chest, because it really bugs me…Men getting raped isn’t “okay” or “alright” because when a women gets raped we get called liars and all sorts…Guess what, when a man gets raped the EXACT same things happen. They get made fun of, they get told “Why didn’t you just fight her off” It is NEVER “better” for the opposite gender to be hurt the exact same way. It’s not okay to rape ANYONE and it is not “better” for men to get raped over women…That is NOT a feminist way of life…or way of thought…You are NOT a feminist if that’s what you think.

There…I got it off my chest

I am tired of women calling themselves “feminist” and then with things like this, somehow it’s alright for men to suffer…By the way I have noticed that it also usually other women who will hate on another women more who say “Rape”. If you look up the famous cases, such as Bill Cosby, the majority of “commentators” are other women, and not in a positive light, like “We’re here with you”. Don’t even get me started with the Chris Browns supporters are mainly all women too. Even though the guy repeatedly has injunctions and restraining orders against him, it is amazing how many women praise him…What for, I’m not even sure what for. A lot of his songs have auto-tune.


One of my triggers was set off a few days ago…and I am so over it! It all started when I saw this Twitter post by Emily Ratajkowski and you would think by now I would have learnt by now to NOT read the comments.


I could not control myself! I kind of lost it with one commenter and I swear this is what they posted:

“You’re a pathetic Kardashian wannabe, . Couldn’t pick a classier role model to follow? Feminism has nothing to do with being a slut.”

First of all, I cannot STAND women who do that to another women. What we wear has nothing to do with us being a slut or not, I also really just hate that word in general. It sure as hell does not mean someone is less of a feminist because of their clothing. However, calling another woman a “slut” for what she wears, is NOT feminism and gives the rest of us a bad name.

I don’t understand how someone can call themselves a feminist and in the same 140 characters, call another a woman a slut? I posted the apparent “offending” dress which a lot of people decided was inappropriate? I don’t think that it’s any shocking than anything else I’ve ever seen before.


Also from my own personal point of view, Feminism IS about “being a slut” Being a feminist to me, is about being equal to men, which includes women being able to sleep with whoever they want, wear whatever they want, WITHOUT being persecuted. Isn’t that kind of the point?