Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Stop misrepresenting us as “weak little things” It’s demeaning and not right.

If you’re a pregnant person, why are you risking yourself becoming arrested? Stop USING your baby as a way to get out of crime. It’s disgusting’s it’s beneath us. If you want to fight for something, or commit a crime. Know that you have the potential to be arrested! This isn’t THAT difficult.

A couple of years ago, we had two “mothers” get off with nearly killing two ambulance workers. Because, they’re “mothers”.

It was disgusting, and there was such a public outcry. One of them had to retire, and the other ambulance driver has PTSD.

It’s pathetic ladies, it truly is.

We also had an anti-vaxxer, arrested for organizing an dis-information parade. All of them outrage “She’s pregnant” SO WHAT! She knew perfectly well what might happen. Didn’t stop her. She doesn’t care about her baby, or others lives. I do, so so what. There were a LOT of children used here by their parents to not be “arrested” at the dis-information parades. It was pretty gross.

Don’t do the crime, if you don’t want to do the time. We’re in 2022 ladies, you want equal rights? That includes being charged with a crime, if you commit one. Pregnant or mother

I don’t see a lot of these people saying new Fathers should be let out of jail. Why is that?

I choose, when/if I become pregnant, I will not be participating in any protests. Even if I choose to be peaceful at a protest, there’s no guarantee that one, the police, in all their power, arrest me, because I would be an easy target. Two, it wouldn’t turn violent. You can’t guarantee that, that although YOU maybe peaceful, that it would stay that way.



Yesterday was actually a pretty lovely day, in terms of cis people FINALLY coming to the defense of trans youth.

Like, really big names did, and I would like to share them with you =D

The first is my very favourite

Wonder Fraking Woman! AKA Lynda Carter

Jamie Lee Curtis…Did she you know she has a child that is trans gender? I did not know that.

The Great Feminist!

Well Done too Scotland!

So yesterday, possibly the day before…Scotland passed a really great thing. Much to the disgusts of a lot of transphobes.

The results of Scotland’s second GRA Reform consultation have been published. A majority of organisations and groups that responded backed plans for gender self-declaration. And also Individuals support it by 55% as opposed to 40% against.

Sad thing, because of transphobic actions, David Paisley a defender of both women and the LGBT. Now he is in a position to have to leave Scotland, because of threats. Because he, like the majority of people are trans inclusive. So that for “crime” they literally doxxed him, and instead of going “Maybe we’re the baddies” They decided to make fun that they’ve run him out of a country, for his own safety.

It is interesting to note to myself though, that despite the TERFdom in Scotland, in the UK, Australia and the US. The countries that are currently being run by women, are all trans-inclusive. All are doing quiet well with COVID. So, right now, we are seeing the worst and the best of women. Which, for myself anyway, is interesting.

Well Done too Scotland though for passing the GRA for a second time (it past the first time too).

I am a Lioness! So are you!

I don’t know about you all, but I am so over other women acting like women are delicate little flowers. We’re not!

What is up with TERFs needing men to defend them as well? I was just thinking about this the other day. All the TERF’s I’ve interacted with also refer back to a man, or to a man that is CLEARLY using manipulative gas-lighting techniques.

Abortions – No uterus no opinion.

Trans women are “erasing” women…Oh, let’s totally get the men to speak for us then.

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Because that makes total sense. Men are trying to erase women, so let’s go to them for help…

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Every single “Woman Ally” that’s a man, also clearly uses manipulative gas-lighting techniques. When did we women get so freaking dumb?

Unpopular Opinion – Women

Have some women just taken a crazy pill lately or what?

Have you noticed that the majority anti-maskers have mainly been middle aged white woman. Or that TERFS…are, well you know, women. The people harassing the BLM protests in the UK yesterday was Posie, a gender critical, now racists, women…all white too.

What is going on ladies? It’s mayhem out there! Apart from actual female leaders, the rest of us seem to be taking things in our hands and making it more destructive!

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Is it just me though? I feel like I’m going crazy, that I’m feel like I’m fighting women not only older than thyself, but also, it’s always seems to be white women too…Like me -.- It makes me feel very despondent about my own “group”.

Ladies, we CAN do better than this. I cannot believe though that in 2020, I’m even having to do this.

The Lioness!

I would definitely be a Lioness. I have always loved Lions ever since I saw “The Lion King” but I don’t think I’d want to be a male. The females just seem so powerful but yet at the same time they take care of their Prides. They love their families. I have seen many videos of Lionesses going out of their way to save their cubs from dangerous scenarios. Lions are beautiful, no doubt, but there is just something so powerfully beautiful about the females.