The wicked webs we weave…

I’m posting a little than usual today, off for the weekend with the boyfriend…Still can’t believe I make a whole section about “being single in a new city” and then I just go ahead and meet someone,lol.

As I mention though I am going away for the weekend with my new partner. Who I absolutely do adore and each time that we meet I feel like another wall, or layer, comes down. I really enjoy just being with him, it feels different from anything I’ve felt before, but it feels great. It actually feels like a grown up relationship, which kind of makes me feel funny too.

I keep feeling trapped though, sometimes I think that maybe I jumped too soon into another relationships. I know that I am still completely furious with my ex and what he has done and what he did. I know that it affects different aspects of my life, but at the same time I have this overwhelming feeling of not wanting to feel like this either, an overwhelming of my life is better off without him. It is a constant battle and sometimes I honestly feel so alone in it as well.