Feelin’ Fine Friday

Feelin Fine

I didn’t really find anything to write about. A fact or something funny that would be laughable or interesting to you all this Friday. It’s been an interesting week for myself. I’ve had ups and down, shocks and good shocks. It’s all been good! We’re supposed to be in Spring right, but it feels like Winter.

It’s just been…a week…You know what I mean? Nothing to exciting, not too dramatic, just fine. I think sometimes we forget that “fine” is absolutely “fine”. No dramas mean no exactly that, no dramas…and isn’t that just fine with all of us? I’ve been choosing to be less on Twitter and more on Facebook, if that’s even possible! I found that I was starting to feel about Twitter the way I sometimes still feel about Facebook.

Yet at the same time, it’s been a good week as well. After not having any work for a couple of weeks, I’m getting a lot, which is great for Christmas time! I’ve also just been talking a lot to people and just getting things out there, making sure people don’t worry. I pick up my worry wart behaviour from a lot of other people.

Most importantly, I’ve just been having fun.

I think that every now and then we all need that week where it’s just not that exciting of a week. No drama, just the same old same old. I have just randomly grinned so much this week. Just feeling lucky and happy.

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