Thursday Theories – I’m too old for this shit

I am too old for this, lol

Imagine coming home after you had teeth removed, your brother who (I wrote about calling me fat when I was a teenager and my mum being alright with that) doesn’t even send you “are you okay” text. You make fun of them for showing NO support and your mother calls you “unbelievable” for doing so, but will look you dead in the face and go “I don’t have a favourite child”


And THEN I found out, even though my Mum had been on constant communication with her side of the family ALL past weekend. Since she’s now working with one of my cousins, told none of them about my wisdom teeth removal.

I want my own family, and my own human baby, so I don’t have to go anywhere, lol

What are you “too” old for anymore? This is fucking ridiculous man, I have got to write in my diary.