Fathers Day (Australia) … Why Mufasa Rules!

As some of you probably know of my issues with my Father, at the moment. So I am not really in the mood to celebrate. I sent him a card with a picture of his parents and reminded him of how much he has turned into his father. Oh, he’s going to hate it, haha. He has though, he has turned into his own Father, well I am not about to let that happen to me.

That’s the other odd thing about my Dad’s side. When both of their parents had passed away, I was given all the photos that they had of their parents. I was about 18 at the time. I know they were both quiet terrible parents, so why would I want them? Why not just get rid of them. Or give them out equally to all the grand children? Like all the other grandkids got money, I got all the photos, lol. My brother and I were the only grand children to ever visit them.

They’re odd, lol

Anyway, I wanted to write about my favourite “Dad”.

The biggest reason why I adore Mufasa, is because, as he says “He doesn’t go looking for trouble” and that he’s “only brave when he has to be”. I like this. I know good dads and I know a lot of deadbeat Dads, unfortunately. I can only really speak for myself though. I keep hoping that for the other people who have deadbeat dads out there. That they have at least one positive male influence in their life. That makes such a world of difference. I was lucky in that respect, I had a few.

I was even luckier, to have had a great, great-grandfather. Who, even in death, still influences me, without me even knowing it.


Fathers Day (Australia)

Well Sunday this weekend is Father’s Day here (and I think the UK). Do you have any books that your Dad read, or any tales your father passed down to you? My Dad never read to us, but that was because my Gran was a Librarian, and we were with her so much,lol Any life lessons your father taught you? My Dad taught me “If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime”. I’m sure he stole that from somewhere though,lol

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Also, your reminder about my Discord book channel. We’re over there right now, talking about tall tales our fathers taught us.

Father’s Day (Australia)

Firstly, do not panic if you see a lot of “Happy Fathers Day” on posts today…It’s just in Australia (I think).

Just like Mother’s Day it is not observed as a public holiday in Australia. However, a lot of businesses are closed on Sunday, mainly retail being opened still. However a lot of people take their children to parks, zoos maybe the movies. My partner and I went to the movies yesterday to see “The Meg” and there were so many fathers with their sons, I wonder how that went.

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Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads, but especially mine =P Too all the step-dads, the furbaby dads, the adopted dads, a special heart for the Dads no longer here💝, the Dads that don’t babysit their kids ~.^ The new Dads, the Dads who are now “GreatDads, The “Dads” that step up…And if you all see a “special person day” cake…Don’t get it if you don’t want it -.- My Dad is a special person ~.^ hehe



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It’s finally starting to feel like Spring is finally becoming upon us! Apparently as well the first calendar day of Spring isn’t necessarily the “first day of Spring”.

The last two days have been sunny from morning to evening, although the air is very chilled still…

So what is happening this weekend?

Well the big news that down under we have Fathers Day on Sunday the 3rd of September. So please don’t be alarmed if you suddenly see all these Fathers Days posts all over the place, it’s probably not happening in your country, just some. I am actually celebrating Fathers Day on the Saturday, because I’m working on the Sunday -.- That wasn’t my fault and I honestly thought that my Dad wasn’t going to come down until his birthday (he lives about a three hour drive away) which is at the end of September.