I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been thinking a lot this week, about this and that.

Something needs to be done.

Today I went kind of shoe shopping with my mum. She starts a new job on Monday…Well it’s actually her old job, but she was treated so badly at her new one, she asked for old one back. But either way she needs new shoes. She said we can talk wedding stuff, which I was generally fine with. We didn’t even get to the shops, before she made a judgement about the dress…That she has no idea what it is, the colouring, the style, nothing. I don’t even 100% really know yet.

I had made a joke about the dress, because my brothers making it. I started off with a simple nice dress, but there was this other one I liked better. I just didn’t want to stress him out. When I mentioned he said that it’d be easy to make. So I told her this, and her only reaction was … “But will it suit you”.

Again, neither my brother or I are 100% on the style, we’re still discussing it. I refuse to tell anything more than the colour theme, and even that was a issue. “Oh, but will the bouquet go with the dress”. Again, she knows nothing. Oh, she showed me a video about how I should do my hair. It was horrible, it was SO cutesy and ick.

The whole day was like this. I haven’t really told anyone anything about my plans, because of this. When I make a joke, there’s a judgement.

AND THEN…Oh, it gets better.

My Dad sends me HIS rules.

I’m just like “You all need to stop, right now” I am not having this for another 10 months.

So people I am writing a strongly worded email, lol.

I am nearly 40 years old, I just want to have fun.

Oh, people it just KEPT going ALL day.

I just wanted to have fun with this.

Like, I’m doing stuff by myself, because I know what’s going too happen. I even made a joke about wearing white crocs, and my mum goes “No, no daughter of mine will crocs on her wedding day”. What are you going to do? Throw me out of my own wedding.

I swear, these people don’t know who I am at all.