I am a lunatic =D

You know I don’t the transphobes took a day off on Christmas or New Years.

Me being a cis woman, is not an attack.

I know that I have written about this before, we are ALL subsets. Women and Men. According to bigots, correctly or accurately describing people as who they are, makes us “loons”. We are ALL subsets. I wouldn’t call myself a black woman or an Asian woman, neither would I call myself a tall woman. Cis and trans is SO simple, it’s not complicated, it’s not difficult. It is not rocket science, #cisandtranswomenAREjustwomen. We’re ALL “just” women.

For the matters of debate though, we need to know who we’re talking with. As I said before I would not call myself a black woman, because even medically health wise. I have done the research, and black women are much more likely to get a heart attack, than me. I get so tired of explaining this. Apart from it being racially wrong. Black, Asian and White women all have developed differently, we are all women, but we’re all different too…

What Black Women Should Know About Heart Disease – Marwah Abdalla, MD, MPH, is assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.

From the moment we are born, we are a subset.

I actually said to one woman. “You are a subset of women, because you are a stupid woman.” It felt good, lol

They were all like “Yeah, you’ve too be really careful with your language with these people, the Ukraine flag and pronouns in the bio, with purple hair”. Yes, because describing people with the correct terms, which they even acknowledged is in Latin, make us loons, and them not stupid, AT ALL. I did remind them we can call them trans, if they’d like too. Since you know, they think we’re the stupid ones.


Happy TransMas! <3 <3 <3

Scotland have been really debating the last moments of the their GRA. Which has now been happening for over 5 years. They are in the final run, lead by the absolute Wonder Woman, Nicola Sturgeon.

You know how I know she’s a Wonder Woman? Rowling keeps trying to take her on, and Sturgeon just basically, ignores her, lol. She is a Queen, She is a Warrioress…and so are all the MSPs who are taking on all the TERFs and “people” like Rowling. I hope all trans people and allies have an amazing Christmas!

And this is why transphobes will always lose. If you have to lie, you have no strong position. You don’t even have a position. It’s just a lie, lol

Katy Montgomerie has such a good rebuttal.

It’s called a phobia, because it’s an irrational fear of something. When you get down to the truth and facts, your fears lessen. Which is why I think the GRA in Scotland, WILL pass. Like it has done in other countries. I have a fear of Octopus and squid-like animals. I have no problem eating them, but after watching a documentary. They are way to smart and can fit into anything. What are the chances though, one is going to come up my toilet pipe…

Great, now I can’t go to the toilet … EVER AGAIN!!!

Good Day for Love, Bad Day for Haters

Oh my goodness, I could not stop smiling all day today.

Cambridge Dictionary Adds Trans-Inclusive Definition of ‘Woman’

A while ago a TERF, Marion Miller, was taken to court. Ms Millar previously shot to prominence after being controversially charged with posting allegedly homophobic and transphobic content online. When the case was discontinued, I have no idea why. Everything she was accused of, she did. Then she went completely silent.


(Just ignore the “Feminist” part).

EXCLUSIVE: Feminista campaigner Marion Millar in police fraud probe as Dundee firm claims it lost 50K

The BEST part though…Was this…

Oh, for something different, but just as “funny”.

Harry and Meghan becomes Netflix’s biggest documentary debut yet

The “funny” part was, apart from a couple of people I know who like them. I would be willing to bet that most of the people who watched it enough to make it the biggest documentary debut ever on Netflix. Say things like “I don’t care” “they’re trash” “I don’t want to talk about them”. Oh, this is going to piss them off.

It’s true though

I wish I could actually find the saying. But I saw an amazing quote about “Critical Race Theory” and why so many white Governors, and parents want it banned. It’s because, there’s nothing there for white people to be “proud” of. Let’s be honest, if there was something that white people could be proud of, they would have NO problems with teaching it.

But like I say myself. I have issues with my hamstring and sometimes my sciatic nerve. Here’s the thing, it’s like the pain in my leg. I didn’t cause the pain in my leg. If I don’t do things to help heal it, not only will the pain stay, it will only get worse. So I do things to heal it. When I feel the pain, I do things to make sure it doesn’t get worse. I will probably always have it, but I know how to heal it. If I work on it, it will take time, but I might even been able to help it completely, but it will take time.

“It wont happen over night, but it will happen”.

Hey, look at that! Not so alone =D

I’m just going to quickly post two things with you today:

Analysis: A definitive rebuttal to every racist ‘Little Mermaid’ argument

Oh, look out by the way. The racists, are finding out that Hans Christian Andersen is gay. It’s almost like they have NEVER read a darn thing in their lives.

Why Adult Children Are Cutting Off Their Parents More Than Ever – Sophie Lloyd – Yesterday 9:30 pm (Thursday 15/9/2022)

I think the best take away from this article is:

“There’s a lot more support out there now, a lot more information,” said Bose.

“If someone feels something about their life, they look it up, they join forums, they follow accounts on Instagram of people sharing their experiences.

“When people are feeling this way, they now have support to validate their choices.”

Earlier in the week

I wrote a post about people, even those who claim “I KNOW”, don’t know how the Monarchy work.

This is kind of a post on from that one. There was one thing that was brought too my attention, and it reminded me, how not just hypocrite people are, but how completely deluded some people just are.

Kate, Catherine is now called Princess of Wales, right? The last person who was called that, was Princess Diana. Camilla, by marrying now King Charles the III, SHOULD have been called Camilla, Princess of Wales, when they married. Since the public, who now claim to just “love” the Royal Family, hated Camilla and Charles so much, they decided against it. But you know the public just LOVE the Royal Family. Diana said such nice things about the Royal Family,

Give me a break.

The millennials are alright ❤ DON’T read the comments!

Meghan Markle embraces fan who wanted her ‘to feel welcome here’

We keep getting stupider, lol

Oh my god, not all of us, obviously. We are completely getting stupider.

I am not going to go into too much information. But in Western Australia they decided to do the disastrously done task of sending juvenile offenders to stay with adults offenders. It’s been a disaster, obviously.

However, the article that I saw, I ended up creating an account just so I could report a lot of the comments on there. If being a heartless, soulless sociopath was arrestable. All of them, would have been. Anyways, I am not here to talk about that article and the truly terrible comments.

The comment that caught my eye and made me really LOL said and I quote “Well at least they can’t harm the tax payers anymore”.

What a bunch of idiots.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this story, because I find it utterly reprehensible that anyone would think it’s a good idea. You can only begin to imagine how bad it would be. On top of which, we don’t actually know what the juveniles even did. They were transferred because they wrecked their cells. Which I don’t get why they couldn’t just go and share with another juvenile offender. We don’t know though what their crimes are. And because they’re Indigenous juveniles too, they need to be handled differently.

What made me laugh about that comment though was. Do these people not understand, we still pay for jails and the people in them. These kids *warning here* have been trying to commit suicide. Whether or not you feel compassion for these juveniles, the tax payer is paying for their medical treatments, they might even possibly be getting therapy. Who do these people think pay for that? The Jail Fairy?

Which is why they also needs to be a bigger focus on rehab in prisons/jail. So people can be rehabbed, come back into society and THEN help “pay back” what they owe.


I keep seeing all these Christian groups, successfully defunding Libraries and book groups, because they don’t like the LGBT “content”.

Here’s what I really don’t understand though. I will say though, beforehand. I really have no big issues with Religion, most people use them for love and sharing kindness. It’s the one’s with the power, that are the problem.

Here’s what I don’t get, right.

  • Eve was made from a MALE rib.
  • They weren’t married
  • They had three sons

So who did Cain, Abel and Seth procreate with? Their mother?

God routinely exterminates people, children and fetuses included in that. I mean, what happened with Noah’s family when they found land? Are families all sleeping with each other.

One person, I remember well. Keep quoting me about how God made man and woman in His image. I turned it around and pointed out that, a male God, made women/female in HIS image, so a male’s image. What is it you don’t understand about trans people again?


Here we go again,



Learn to pronounce


  1. 1.a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. “that, in my opinion, is right”
  2. 2.a statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter. “if in doubt, get a second opinion”

Nowhere does it say that having an opinion means that you are NOT racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic etc. In fact, having “just your opinion” means, that more likely, you ARE racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic etc Because your opinion LACKS in facts or Science. UNLESS you are a Doctor, or a Scientist or something along those line.

Back it up peeps! Even though we all know very few will listen, at least YOU know what you’re talking about and can be happy with that.

This is going to get weird

I am just letting you know that I am writing about toilet habits in this post. If you are eating, or don’t like to think about pooping, stop read now…

I mean it…

Don’t blame meeeeeeee….

I think it goes without saying that we have probably all seen the hashtag AmberTurd (something like that) in relation to possibly Amber Heard pooping on the bed of Depp. One thing, it has since been revealed, that Depp was away at the time of alleged incident.

This is what I want to write about today…Pooping…

I will admit that I don’t know that much about that incident, mainly, I don’t wanna know. That’s kind of my point though.

We all poop, it’s a natural bodily function. It is one of the grossest natural bodily function. It’s gross, makes you wanna throw up and is pretty unhygienic. But it’s all natural still. Even the Queen poops. I am sorry, but she does.

Hears my counter point to that, pooping is natural (aren’t you glad that you kept reading) But is it natural to say to a friend that you want to have sex with a rotting corpse? That is also gross, makes me wanna throw up and is pretty unhygienic.

And it’s about to get weirder.

I also have been “caught out” with the pooping. Yes, I admit to it. I know others who have too. Let’s be brave, shall we, lol. I had a stomach ache, I took a Panadol (general pain medication) Within an hour of taking that Panadol, I had alcohol. Probably the dumbest thing I have ever done. If you’ve done it, you probably understand what’s coming next.

I managed to get to a toilet before I left the party, that was not at my house. However, I didn’t make it all the way back home. It was dark, and I made it to a park, but not to the park’s toilets. It happened, I was an idiot, I didn’t actually know that could happen.

That poor tree…

Too this day I hope no one came across it.

I know of others who also got “caught out”. Shit LITERALLY happens folks!