Video: Study Shows How Dogs Recognize Their Toys — FACE Foundation Blog

Our dogs love their toys, and many of them have favorite toys. Many dogs are also able to retrieve a particular toy when their owners name it, i.e., “Bring me Bear.” Researchers at the Family Dog Project, a Hungarian academic research institute that studies the behavioral and cognitive aspects of the dog-human relationship, recently examined […]

Video: Study Shows How Dogs Recognize Their Toys — FACE Foundation Blog

I love this page, by the way.


Is it in my face?

Does this face say…

Does that face say…

I watch Married at First Sight

Watch “Romantic Comedies”.

I watch Love Island

I read romance novels?

Okay … Maybe a little bit

Do you know how many times I’ve been told “You watch married at first sight, right”?

Okay, people … I am the same person who threw a Halloween party, and none of you knew who the real killers were in that game, where you have to guess who the real life monsters are/were. I said to every single one of you, that maybe…just maybe…I am obsessed with real life crime.

No, I would not like the romance novel for Christmas, haha.

I know its the thought that counts, and I would read any book I was given…But if given a choice…No, lol