So I am stupidly excited for the Lion King live action film. I’ve only been this excited for the Beauty and the Beast live action film. Especially at this time there doesn’t seem to be that much to be excited about. So I am extremely aware that I am a little precious about the film.

Which means I got into this massive debate with this person who also loves Lions. Her issue was though that she didn’t feel like the animals were expressive, in the trailers. To prove her point she used a gif of Aslan. As I pointed out, Aslan is a mythical Lion to begin with, and I don’t find him that expressive to be honest. I love Alsan in the movies, but it’s not like he’s smiling a whole lot, hes completely gorgeous. But still a mythical Lion.

…Do you know what I mean?lol Even though he’s a Lion, he’s supposed to, in a way, also represent Jesus. So he’s not a standard Lion.

I also point out though, she’s basing it on a minutes trailer. With a quick succession of bits from the movie. She kept posting of pictures of Lions being all head butt and lying with each other. I wonder if she realises how long it takes to get pictures like that. I absolutely believe that animals have expressions and feelings, but they’re not easy to get.

Lions GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Lion King Roar GIF by Walt Disney Studios - Find & Share on GIPHY

The top gif is Aslan and the bottom…I’m assume is Simba? Possibly Mufasa. I don’t see that much of a difference. Of course Aslan is going to be Grander, he is pretty much Jesus Christ. It’s like people complaining about how Scar looks in the live action. If you’ve seen a sort of “lowly” Lion, it’s what Scar looks like. Too me Scar looks like a Lion that is on the outs.

The Lion King GIF by Walt Disney Studios - Find & Share on GIPHY


Why I really like Beyonce

Other than the obvious, that she is just WAY cooler than I ever will be,lol

I just love her art and how she expresses herself. I know that she gets a lot of slack for how she sometimes her portray herself…But I love it! You take the 2017 Grammy Awards and how she got a lot of flack because some people were asking “Does she think she’s a God” … Clearly Beyonce doesn’t think she’s a “God” It’s called creativity you dingle berries Do you ask Pablo Picasso “Does he think he’s a cube?”

Picture Source: (Look at the smile)

Too me Beyonce is just a Queen of Creativity, everything she does is creative and not the set standard creativity either. She does things out of the box…Which is why I love Beyonce, I love waiting to see what she’ll do next!



One of the most well known quotes is “When you stop looking for it, love will happen” and it is a very well know cliche quote for a reason! I start writing posts about being single in a small city and then I meet someone completely unexpectedly  and although its all fresh and new it seems to be going quite well.

Starting the dating game all over again has been extremely interesting, and really hard at the same time. Over the past 30 years I have built up some serious walls and I have already had to express some of these as the guy I am seeing has been getting ‘upset’ with me as he assumed that I just didn’t like him. Which also made me question how cold and hard have I become exactly?

How much do you tell someone that you have just started dating, about yourself? There just seems to be certain things that have to said upfront/straight away. Like my issue of explaining when I am so guarded about my heart and myself. How I am trying to protect myself for being extremely badly hurt again. Why to him it seemed like I was pushing him away, when I really liked him but had completely forgotten how to let someone know this?