Excuses, excuses, excuse

I’m just wondering what is the weirdest excuse you’ve ever heard? I was just thinking about it after I heard a odd one. So doing my usual trying to “debate” with gender critical men and trying to explain to them why youths have medical protections. Meaning they don’t HAVE to get their parents permission.

One of their rebuttals was that kids have to a parents permission to drive a car, tattoos and advil.

At first I found the car one odd. Because, well cars a big dangerous machines, who absolutely no one is perfect taking out the first time out. Also, human beings are not cars, and people know their own bodies. Tattoos you do, but that’s because it’s an outside decoration you have to live with the rest of your life. Advil, I’m sure that youths can get it as long as they have prescription. I’m not 100% how advil, general pain medication works. If a girl though get’s heavy periods, I’m sure she can go to her doctor and get a prescription.

Also the whole car. I don’t know where you all live. Again, kids don’t need a PARENT’s permission, they just here need a fully licensed driver. Otherwise there would be no driving schools or teachers. You probably need permission for their car, but you don’t need their permission to drive if you have another driver.

So again, not really good enough excuses to stop youths for starting to transition.

Sexual Assault is NOT an excuse!

Too hate on others who have nothing to do with you being sexually assault. I really do dislike that JK Rowling used being domestically abused and assaulted as an excuse to hate on transpeople. Since one had nothing to do with another.

A past hurt is never an excuse to make a current hurt for others.


In this day and age

  • There is no excuse to not talk to someone. We have more ways of communicating than ever before. (This clearly does not apply to people who are mentally finding it tough to reach out. This more towards people who don’t want to know the truth, and gossipers).
  • There is no excuse to not find out information BEFORE you make comments on something.  There are so many ways to research something, anything.
  • When someone does reach out, there really is no excuse to keep lying.