Social Media Etiquette

This has been such a huge topic, especially over the last year. I mean you just have to look at Donald Trumps Tweets on Twitter on what NOT to do.

Do you have any rules for social media? I would ask what do you think the rules are, but as a lot of people don’t follow them. This is a much easier list!

Some of my rules for myself are:

  1. Never EVER use a derogatory term, such as ‘retard’ or the ‘c word’. I don’t even like Trumptard, Which is why you’ve probably noticed I write Trumptar, instead of the usual whole word.
  2. I’d like to say that you shouldn’t swear, but sometimes…The mind explodes.
  3. If I don’t understand something, I read before I answer. I read into something first before I’ll reply.
  4. Only use capital letters (shouting) if you feel the person really isn’t listening and you want to help them listen to what they’re saying. I only using “shouting” when I can’t believe what someone is saying. What they’re saying makes no sense, or hypocritical.
  5. I will never have a lot of symbols in my name, tagline. Maybe one animal emoticon, that’s as far as I’ll go.