If you define yourself, by what others define yourself as, than that’s on you, not other people.

The biggest complaint that TERFs have is that unfounded fear that women are somehow being “erased”.

We’re not.

Again, it’s not up to YOU, yourself and yourself alone to let others define who you are. The only reason for the basic women/female man/male. Is for health, medical and basic scientific reason. That’s it. If the Science world (as a example) decided women were … I don’t know … Felines (extreme yes) instead. We wont suddenly lose our human bodies and our usual human bodily functions, and turn into cats.

Some people act like if we stop calling women “women”, then some big pencil in the sky is going to erase women.

It’s delusional, and it’s also delusional to put that on a different group of people.

Roughly there, in all about 6% of the worlds population define themselves as trans. That’s ALL trans people. Women, men, sexual. In 2017 it was reported that the share of women in the world was 49.6% … That’s a bit of a difference. Especially when you remember that 6% is made up of ALL trans people. So not just trans women, but men and sexual too.

The transphobes are now trying to stalk my parents, to tell them to tell me off for telling people that they need not be defined by one word. I don’t think it’s occurred to them that it’s my parent’s, my family who taught me that. Also I’m 37! Haha … Like my parents could “tell me off” at this stage of the game. Also neither of my parents are on Twitter, they hate it, haha