Thursday Theories – Generally Entitled

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “stuff” and I figured out what’s annoying me the most, about everything, generally.

It’s the entitlement…long post, incoming!

Privilege comes in all shapes and sizes.

I was inspired to write this post when I saw three things. When I went to text my brother to send my condolences about his cat, and I was reminded how awful he was too me, for no reason, let alone a good one. Seeing that Joanna Cherry is suing “The Stand” after they “cancelled” her. The British media not acknowledging that the Coronation took place Prince Archie’s birthday, until, of course, they could “make” Harry and Meghan the bullies.

Just a question first, when did the feelings of children stop mattering more than adults?

There was someone who actually wrote and I quote “Meghan is so selfish, why didn’t she show up for her FIL, he’s kind of important” Guess what, her SON will always be more important than her FIL. I don’t care who King Charles is, he will never be more important than someone’s child. I just don’t get it. Only a few weeks beforehand one of Charles and Camilla’s friend and “royal expert” made a “joke” about dangling Prince Archie over that balcony. Yet people will STILL say that Harry and Meghan shouldn’t complain, they should be silent. Even AFTER Jeremy Clarkson, close friend of Camilla, said that he has violent sexual fantasy’s about Meghan, STILL people think that Harry and Meghan should say nothing. Charles, Camilla, William and Kate could put a stop to it. Nope, they choose to Knight the people who first spread false rumours about Meghan.

STILL, people think Harry and Meghan should be quiet.

Thinking Meghan and Harry should be quiet, is an absolute privilege. There is absolutely no legitimate reason to say that Harry and Meghan should be quiet. Too believe you wouldn’t say anything while being treated like that, is ridiculous. For Chris Rock to say “Meghan should have know better” is privilege. When you look at the facts, not just what the media repeat. You start to realise pretty quickly that Harry and Meghan are on point. Too listen to the media, and never question it, is a privilege. Too assume that media is telling you the “truth” is a privilege. We don’t live in Russia, China or North Korea. People are choosing to take a side, people are choosing to listen to the media.

That is a privilege

UK tabloid group admits it unlawfully gathered info on Harry

When Laura Ingraham said that LeBron James should “shut up and dribble” She was speaking from a place of privilege, why shouldn’t LeBron James talk about what he wants?

Which then leads me to Joanna Cherry.

If you don’t know who she is…Lucky you, lol.

Cherry is a Scottish politician, and a lesbian ( she really likes reminding people of that one), and is transphobic. If any of ask me “how has she been transphobic” I am swearing out out and then blocking you.

Cherry was (for some reason) invited to speak at the Stand Comedy club in Edinburgh. However, the plans were thwarted by the staff, who didn’t want to work. Due to Health and Safety, it meant that they had to not allow the show to go ahead. WELL, there’s now 10 of my Google pages talking about how much she’s been cancelled and silenced. Why 10 pages of Google? Well because she was EVERYWHERE!!!

So yeah, 10 pages of Google links after just searching the name Joanna Cherry.

The biggest irony came from a young lesbian. When she wrote an article about how no one is obligated to listen to Cherry. So Cherry “responded” by being ageist and talking down to her. And then went the next day and threatened to sue “The Stand”.

That’s a place of privilege. One, that she was even invited and allowed on…and after 10 pages on Google. I feel confident enough to say that she is neither cancelled or being silenced.


Thursday Theories – Hyacinth Bucket

My mum was telling about the article she was reading about a famous chef from South Australia. It was about how in only the last couple of years, all these people go to these top end restaurants. Instead of simply enjoying the meal, instead of savoring the perfectly put together flavour of the meal. Living in the moment. Customers come in now and go:

“I saw a Google recipe and I want this, this and this instead of that”.

Sound familiar?

But these people have forgotten that they’re dealing with top end, 5 star Chefs. So of course the answer is:

Gordon Ramsey Idiot GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

For the first time in a couple of years, I am all “THANK GOD FOR CRAZY CHEFS!”

When did we get so entitled? You’ve got people going to restaurants that are top class, and demanding that these Chefs cater to you?

Oh no darling!

The only difference between society and Hyacinth Bucket, is that Hyacinth Bouquet … spelt …. B-U-C-K-E-T. Usually gets her comeuppance. Whereas these people learn nothing, other than “Well I’m never going there again”. Which I am totally fine with, by the way.

We are in 2021, right?

As the year starts to close, I was wondering, after a completely weird day at work. Receiving all these texts from my Dad, and my mum was telling me how utterly horrid these customers were being.

It had me thinking. Anyone else think that this year in particular that, the sense of entitlement and narcissism from others has just risen, this year in particular?

I know that I am a hopeless positive person, but I really thought with Trump gone, things would turn to normal and be more calm. It’s just not turning out that way.

The UK is becoming more anti-lgbt, racist, xenophobic, the UK’s current Tory Government CONSTANTLY flouts and breaks the rules/laws…and honestly, just blatantly so.

The US is becoming more anti-abortion and anti-women having control over their own bodies, or people in general. And those mostly on the Right and the GOP, absolutely are abusing the Constitution.

And in Australia, well, our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, keeps running away. Currently our opposition leader Anthony Albanese is in charge. While our PM went on holidays, and the Deputy got caught up in America with COVID. Just before he left, our PM said this, about masks.

Mr Morrison said Australians didn’t need to be told what to do, likening mask-wearing to sun safety.

“In the same way as we go into the summer season, people will be slapping on the hat and slapping on the sunscreen,” he said.

“There’s no rule or requirement to do that, but it is strongly recommended health advice. It’s in the same category.”

Anthony Albanese criticises Scott Morrison for Covid-19 blame shifting

Our Prime Minister compared wearing masks, to getting sunburn. You don’t have to be an Australia, too understand that absurdity. Also though, it should be a rule or requirement to wear sunscreen, in Australia. I actually don’t think that’d be such a bad rule, lol. In schools, you have to a hat on during Summer or you can’t go and play.

Trump supporters have turned on Trump, haha. The really funny thing, personally. Trump is not even likely to be saying to people to get vaccinated, to help them. Someone pointed out that he’s doing it because the vaccines, that are like 99% mostly saving people. Were starting to be given out during his Presidency, so NOW he wants to take credit for “saving” people.

Why I REALLY dislike Heard and Depp

Well one, their court battles have now been going for longer than their marriage.

Two, when something goes on longer than for who long you were married for. It’s just getting silly. Especially when you have no children, no business, involved.

Three, the longer this goes on for, the more I realise how much I dislike people who think that being “pretty” means that everything person does is fine.

Four, how dumb women really are when it comes to a pretty face.

Five, we know neither Depp or Heard. What we do know, puts neither of them in a good light. So let’s stop doing that.

Six, there are people in domestic situations RIGHT NOW. Who don’t have the resources to go “Whoops, I clearly made a mistake” and leave.

Seven, too me. Both Depp and Heard are making a complete mockery of domestic violence and those currently in that situation. Those who have been in that situation.

Eight, I really just do not like Depp any longer. When it first started, I always said, they clearly were just toxic for each other. Even when he’s able to show how bad Heard was, he just makes himself look worse.

Nine, I believe this started, because DEPP gave a bad interview, drunk and drugged up. So to take the pressure off of him, he decided to just bring up Heard, again.

Ten, Depp is proof that we shouldn’t let pretty faces get away with everything.

Eleven, Depp is proof that wisdom and maturity doesn’t always come with age. Especially when you’ve been getting away with everything in Hollywood.

Twelve, I don’t like Heard…But I REALLY don’t like Depp. He is the personification of entitlement and privilege. He has what I call “Ted Bundy Syndrome”. Strictly because of his looks, we (meaning “women“) let him get away with it all. There is no WAY he’d get away with it, if he looked like say, Mickey Rourke, and you KNOW IT.

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I think I figured it out…

It’s not a gun problem, a mental health problem…

I honestly think the problem with American and it’s gun, is that it’s a completely self-entitlement problem.

You have a country that it’s entire background is based on purely a self-freedom.

Whenever I’ve ever gotten into a “discussion” (it’s hard to have a grown up discussion with people who are “gun nutty”) everything that they say is about themselves, it’s never about the people who got shot. “Their” rights,”their” freedoms”, you trying to take away “their” toys…ME, ME, ME…

You look at people like the Kardashians for example. They are a fantastic example of self entitlement. They have literally become “famous” and rich off of selfies and themselves…Is it really impressive though? That the Kardashians can play a country that are completely self obsessed with self anyways?

Or when people say “All Lives Matter”…well duh, but right now we are focusing on the Black Lives Matter because at the moment we are focusing on why are they getting unjustly shot in the streets…Can they just focus on that for like two seconds? I’m sure if they actually focused on BLM for more than a second rather than getting all knee jerky, they’d actually SEE the problem.

Now saying all this, clearly not ALL Americans are like this…In fact, I’d say the majority of Americans ARE about others, and not about ego. However, the problem is the people in power are all about “ME, ME, ME”

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