You know watching the masks, the blatant corruption of Government, the bigots who cry “Freedom of Speech”.

I just have one question to them, when did we get so entitled? I’ve often thought maybe because we haven’t had a BIG War, that we’ve been lucky, so we don’t understand how lucky we really are. We don’t understand WHAT having nothing means, what other people’s lives means.

I’m sure you have, as well as I, have asked family what the big Wars were like. What Vietnam War was like. What did civilians do? How did civilians cope? Always the same thing “You had too”. They were very willing to do what was necessary to protect, not only those on the front lines, but the others around them…So when did we lose that “willing” spirit? Because it’s not just about US, it’s about THEM, too.

Well, not us, but you know who I mean.

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I would be willing to put a bet on it too that these “adults” having tantrums about the lock-downs, about the masks. Either say they have family serving, or have. I get the Brits the LEAST. My mums parents were both too young to serve, by Dad’s parents. His Dad served, and his ship actually got blown up as they were heading out. All lived in the UK in WW2, I believe one of my Great-Grandfathers, drove the ambulances around. My mum’s grandmother, had polio and one of her legs had to come off, just above the knee. It’s like my Mum always said though “I never thought of her as disabled, because she just got on and with it”.

England has been through so MUCH! Yet, they don’t want to help others? I am first generation Australian. So my mum, her parents, my dad, his parents, all came from England and moved out to Australia.




“Freedom of Speech”

I’ve noticed a lot lately, especially after the Christchurch attacks. A LOT of Australians going on about “Freedom of Speech” and how because of this, they can use hate speech. One problem with that…Australia doesn’t actually have Freedom of Speech, that’s an entirely American thing, because of the 1A. Australia doesn’t have a 1A, let alone a 2A or 100A. Australia has an implied¬†freedom¬†of political communication.