The biggest threat to the US is not Trump

Just let me write what I’m going to write right now. This is an entirely opinion blog post.

The biggest threat to the US right now, is not Trump. It’s his enablers. We all know that Trump is a liar, misogynist, racist, bigoted bastard. We’ve all known this for literally years.

The biggest problem isn’t Trump, it’s his enablers…Including the “reporters” who refuse to actually question…Anything.

Like how the Democrats jumped all over Ilhan, over her not actual anti-semantic comments…But yet, where is the outrage from them when Trump actually calls them anti-Jewish? You know the POTUS who called the white supremacy rallies “fine people” who actually said “Jews will not replace us”

When McConnell was asked “Why hasn’t this bill come to the Senate”, his answer “I chose what we vote on” he laughed, they laughed…WT ACTUAL F! WHY WERE THEY LAUGHING??? I kept waiting for just one of them to say something. I mean seriously, get out of the way, I can be a journalist, since they refuse to do their jobs.

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Trump called Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals killer of babies…Where was the outrage? other than the liberal supporters? I am going to swear here:





Supportive vs Enabling

Hint…This is not being “supportive”

The man is bragging about how he’s off his meds and how the MAGA¬† cap gives him Superpowers! This NOT how you handle that! It’d be like me shoving the drink down my fathers throat and calling him a non-alcoholic.

What the hell is wrong with these people???

Be careful of that line between Supportive and Enabling. I’ve known a lot of people in my own life that call themselves supportive, but they are most definitely not. A good way to be supportive is to tell people what they NEED to hear, even if they don’t WANT too. It’s can sometimes be a fine line. It’s interesting because the people who don’t like hearing what they need too, are often continually unhappy. There’s always a drama.


I was wrong…

I thought that Trump supporters would want to say nothing about Trumps “shit hole” comments…I was wrong,lol…That they might want to stay out of this one…

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Does anyone else see any irony in Trump calling other countries (especially African countries) *sh%tholes as well? I thought all the money from the hunting and “conservation” that these Americans hunters (ie Trumps) were going over to do, were going back to the people? They keep using it a their big thing, that it’s really helping these countries? You mean, it’s NOT happening? I don’t know whether that’s just insulting or infuriating, considering the rate these hunters and people who want animals like Rhinos. The rate that are killing off the African animals at…I know, I know…I made it about the animals again,lol

I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry with them anymore.

WATCH: Kellyanne Conway says “Nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton”, Trump proceeds to Tweet about her (and then later Kellyanne admits they talk about her,lol)