US Elections

First off…Good luck to us all!

Second, I have decided to come off of ALL medias…Including this one for the next couple of days. No matter the outcome. Just because either way, I think I’m going to need some way too get myself together. Also I’m going to most definitely cry either way.

Remember, if you are American! If you’re voting in line…STAY IN LINE! Your vote will count, as long as you’re in line before the polling booths close.

I have created a couple of posts, that are a little different, to hopefully TRY and get our minds off of whatever…Also I suspect, others will be doing the same that I do.

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What I’ll be doing is focusing more on things like learning to draw, my homework…and my website!!! Lolsys Library – Go Daddy I have quiet a few ideas now. Now I just have to start creating them! I’m going to be doing a Golden Girls, Dads Army and The RoyalE family =D I even have a funeral to go to tomorrow =( So I will be very well distracted.


It begins

So…the week of the US elections begins…Are you scared? I am, lol … and I’m not even American! I’m worried, because I truly believe that Trump getting in as well as, getting away with as much as he has. Has encouraged other bigots, to go “Well if he can do it…So can I!”.

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I honestly believe, that without Trump. A lot of things that have happened, especially with COVID19, would NEVER have happened. Especially when we talk about the divide. I honestly believe that without Trump, ALL of us would have been much better off in the world today.

Wins and Losses

Not a long Blog today, mainly because I did not sleep well at all last night…But I did see what happened in America today.

It may not have all gone to perfectly plan. But I felt like it was still a Win. Rourke may not have Win, but oh my goodness! Did you all see how well he did?! In such a Deep Red State as Texas! I mean, I feel like it was impressive…and now it leaves him free to be President! Even the Texans who voted for Cruz (god knows why, no one likes him!) Noticed it was too close to feel safe!

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Might not feel like it, but that’s a good thing! It shows that things are changing! Even in a State like Texas.

On top of that though, Democrats won the House! Most excellent news! Which means that the Democrats can put things forward, like getting Trump to FINALLY release his Taxes. They can do so much more now! It’s wonderful!

I do not understand though how someone like Brian Kemp can run the election, when he’s running in it? That I really do not understand. The other things that are coming out now. About Gerrymandering and Jim Crow, there not being enough power cords for machines or paper ballots…It’s happening, change is happening!

So now I go to bed, but the time you all see this I will have hopefully been asleep for a few hours! Couple of hours until I have to get up for work…But you did good America, despite the losses…You did good!

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(I’ve also never heard of Scott Walker, apparently – bad man – good to be gone)