Easter Monday

I hope that you have all been having a really great Easter Weekend, and I am sorry if you had to work over it. I’m not sure about countries overseas, here in Australia though, we have the Friday, Sunday and Monday as Public Holidays, so it’s a nice long weekend.

Easter Monday (obviously) comes the day after Easter Sunday (or in my case, Happy Chocolate Day)…Easter Monday can also be known as “Bright Monday” or “Renewal Monday”. I kind of like those two names, it feels like you start the week brightly and renewed sense after not having such a long time off of work since around Christmas time. Of course you can take it in the literal sense of Jesus Christ coming back to life after three days.

What did you all do with your weekend? I hope it was sweet!

Easter Monday

Easter Monday Bunnies!

I found this really sweet list that has a bunch of favourite Disney/Pixar bunnies (and a couple of not-so-close bunnies, but pretty close!)

Please check out the link below and if you can’t find your favourite bunny on this list let us know!
Oh My Disney – Celebrate Easter With Our Favorite Disney Bunnies

Oh My Disney 2014, ‘Celebrate Easter with our Favorite Disney Bunnies’, Disney <http://blogs.disney.com/oh-my-disney/&gt;