“The Duchess Who Wasn’t” Day

On this day, take every opportunity possible to slip a well-known phrase into the conversation: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Which is interesting because it’s also International Bat Night “Day” lol. Personally, I think Bats are gorgeous and as some have said “The Farmers of the Sky”.

Anyway, August 27 is “The Duchess Who Wasn’t” day, which celebrates the life of Irish author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. Only living until 42 years of age, The Duchess was the name she often used to remain anonymous. She has at least 57 works attributed to her name and could have many, many more pieces of writing published, as much of her earliest work was released anonymously.

I would love to be known as something when I die. What would you like to be known by? I really enjoy the sound of “The Goddess” Hahahaha.